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    Rapport building necessary for good living

    Be it at home, neighbors, office or with the subordinate staff, our rapport building has become very necessary because that will lead to a understandable and for good living. By knowing the people fully the rapport creation becomes important because we can single out who are wanted and who can be discarded in the long run. Why because not everyone would suit to our wave length and we need to choose and chase for the good people who are going to be our long standing partners of understanding on many issues.
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    True. We should have good relations with our colleagues, friends and neighbours. When we have good relations with them we will have a good rapport with them. Then they will be helpful to you when you need and you can also ask them for help freely. Similarly, you should come forward to help them when they are in a problem. That will make them thankful to you and definitely come to help you. We can't expect somebody to help you when you have no good relations with them. All depends on your conduct and nature. so try to be good with all.
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    Good manners always pay you a lot especially dealing with the friends and neighbours. They are the people with whom yo will have to deal with many things. Absence of cordiality will affect our relationship in many ways. Supposing we are on the duty at odd hours and the Principal of the school is in a hurry to meet either of guardians in the parents - teachers meeting. Your friend living nearby would be of great help by dropping your wife in the school premises to attend the meeting. There are many such things which need to be attended to immediately and in such situations, your friends would be of great help. However, helps will be pouring down only due to maintenance of good rapport with our neighbors.

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    Good repport with our colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbours is necessary for life. We can't run away from this responsibility. We are part of this social system where we need the support of others and we have to support others as well. You may be rich or poor, you may be strong or weak, you may be powerful or powerless. Sometimes, this powerful time brings big calamities, hardships and darkness in their lives who are powerful, rich and influential personalities. If they have earned confidence in people, they are not deprived of the support of their old partners, even competitors. I have listened the story of a businessman from several people that he lost his business and literally, he came on the street with no work. He met his old colleagues and businessmen whom he had dealt business in past when he was on top. Since he had won their confidence as an honest businessman. They supplied him goods without any payment and some other businessmen gave him a debt and thus, he worked hard and established his business again.

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    Customer relation and customer retain ship is also part of good rapport building.
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    The author has said it very correctly. We should have a rapport building in every sphere of life and under every circumstance with logo and time. We all humans are living in a world where we can not imagine our life without other people, these can be our family, friends, neighbors many more, and it is very important to understand the importance of those people. By helping them with their needs or by talking with them when they feel alone, there are many ways to make a bond with our loved ones. Sometimes you will not even get to know that today we are getting many supports from those with whom we keep a good rapport.
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    Rapport building is required everywhere and I would say that it is a subtle art form. There is no formal training course which is required for learning rapport building as it comes with the application of sheer common sense. I have seen some people who have excellent methods and ways for rapport building. Those who lack this behavioural are at a loss in their life much as they will be quarrelling and fighting with other people over small matters and conflicts rather than solving them in an amicable way and having a mutual understanding. We should try to develop the art of rapport building as it is the biggest practical tool available for keeping good relations with other people as well as getting our jobs easily without much human interference. One of my friend whenever he goes to a crowded office he has a habit of telling the counter person as - when this work load will reduce we do not know? How you are so professionally executing the load I appreciate and phrases like that. This may look like flattery but that person remembers him and next time when he goes there the counter person welcomes him with an unusual smile only reserved for VIPs. So good behavioural and appreciating people for their work pays sometimes and these are some of the methods and tips people use in real life.
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