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    Laziness is the biggest enemy and hindrance to your goal path.

    Laziness keeps us away from fulfilling our dreams and affects our lifestyle. If we are not lazy, we can fulfill many works and targets. The good thing is that if we change our perspective, then laziness will disappear automatically.

    Despite being aware of the seriousness of the work many times, we do not start it on time. An effective way to come out of this is to start work. And to finish the work that we have started. It is my personal experience that working is not as difficult as starting a work. When you overcome this obstacle, you will know what you will do.

    Laziness always results in delayed work and reduces our achievements. To put it clearly, we are not able to achieve the things that we strongly want. To avoid delays, divide the tasks into smaller parts and tackle them one by one. With this, we will start work at the right time. The enthusiasm for work will also remain.

    You should keep motivating yourself and you also feel inspired when you see motivated people working around you. As sooner as you get away from laziness, the sooner you will find your destination.
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    Laziness is one thing which will make a human being useless. Time is precious and we should not waste the time without doing anything. At the same, some relaxation is also required for human beings. So there should be a balance and one should plan his activity accordingly. Because of laziness many people sleep for longer hours and will not undertake any physical exercise and that will lead to unnecessary problems. Physical exercise is very important to us. I feel many of us wasting our time by sitting with laziness and not planning the works in a proper way.
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    Rightly said by the author.
    Laziness is a curse for the human body. Laziness makes our life idle. Lazy people can't progress in life. This kind of people waste their time in useless sitting and talking. Laziness creates a lot of health problem. Many people are as on our society they get their all work done by other people. That's why they fall prey to obesity. We should take rest as per the requirement of the body.

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    I think most of us are lazy by default. Our inherent quality of laziness comes out of unconsciousness when we happen to have an opportunity, especially, you may notice it that on any holiday when you have not any burden of going to office , you keep on lying in bed. If someone is ready to do your work your laziness is satiated with this great chance of relief of work. I am not sure if you like laziness but I am of this sort who likes laziness. It has its own charm and beauty. Sometimes , it happens with many people that due to their laziness they missed their train or bus and bad news came later of an accident in which several people died or injured.

    I was just kidding. Laziness keeps us behind. It makes our body dull. We should do our work at right time. Those who are always active to fulfil their responsibilities surpass all lazy people. No lazy people can be successful in their lives.

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    Most of the species in animal kingdom are lazy. I have seen many animals just lying like that and they will only become active when they are hungry and then will run here and there in search of food. So the natural corollary that emerges from this behaviour is that any living being becomes active only when it needs food or other things to survive. The psychology behind working is quite complex. A child works obliging his parents and in hope of a chocolate. A youngster works and impresses his parents that he is different from others as he is the only one working while others are enjoying in the playground or picnic. An adult has to work in order to fulfil his long time ambitions of having house of ones own and other materialistic acquisitions. So, in nutshell most of us work because of one or other such compulsions and given a choice would choose a lazy time only for our comfort and ease.
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    Rightly said by the author that laziness is the biggest draw back within us while some would over come the same and many succumb to the demands of laziness and they stay put without making any effort. What I feel that the thought process should emanate from within us that we are alone responsible for our progress and growth and nothing would stop when decided positively to move and get rid of laziness. Getting up early morning and finishing the task is the best way to begin the day. When pending works are discharged and attended then there is no question of tension or problem of escalation. When we postpone the works, the tasks get more tough and we are unable to get out of it and the interest to do the work is lost and that gives rise to laziness. We should never allow body to laziness mode except while sleeping for the time bound period.
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