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    Everything is in our hand only

    Last month I stayed in my aunt's house in chennai. There was a vacant plot adjacent to their house where there was bushy thorn plants and a mango tree. An old man went inside the plot and cut some woods from the thorny plants for burning in his house as fuel. But a man from that side house shouted at him and driven out him from doing so. Today as I am staying in Madurai. Similar incident seen by me. A vacant plot opposite to my brother's house. A man cut some wood from the thorny plants and leaves for his goats. Suddenly the owner of the plot came there in his car to see the plot. He saw the man and told him to cut the woods as he want but with care. As he is known to me, I told the incident of Chennai. He simply replied calmly,'sir, if I engage some person to remove them, one I have to pay for him. He will demand more money to remove the woods etc. Instead if I permit him this will be benefit to him and both of us will get satisfaction.
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    The mindset will be different. The people think differently on the same point. The view will be different from person to person. In villages, many people want wood for heating the water for a bath. So everybody tries to get these woods as much as possible. That may be the reason the person in the village shouted on the person who is cutting the wood from an open plant.
    In cities, people may not use wood in their houses. So the owners may not care that much for the wood in their plots. If they have to get the bushes cleared they have to spend a lot of money. So it will be good for them if somebody is taking away the wood from their plots.
    All depends on the thinking of the individuals.

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    The author has clearly mentioned the mindset of the people in deciding the issues according to the situations and that need not be the same in all respects. The other day a poor family asked me the permission to erect small hut in the open plot abetting my house and since no owner of the plot was coming forth to pay the colony maintenance our society thought that it can be either converted into a park for the colony or pool money to construct a small community room for activities. That decision was pending to be implemented and meanwhile the poor family approached me to erect the make shift hut and I obliged. Within three days , the real owner came and shouted at the poor hut man to vacate immediately. And this was the chance for the society to get back all the dues from him and we prevailed on him to pay at once. And also requested that the hut man be the watch man for the plot and he will secure. Thus I could pave way for staying and income.
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