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    Is Radio cricket commentary confusing to listen to? Do you agree with the statement?

    When International Cricket was played in the olden days so many people used to listen to the commentary on radios because Television is an expensive electronic Gadget or they will be no broadcast in Television of the particular series or a Technical glitch in broadcasting the match or inadequate power supply. When listening to the radio commentary it was really confusing which team is batting and who scored runs everything and sometimes the commentary is in Hindi the numbers they used to spell out in Hindi that is very difficult to understand. Overall Radio cricket commentary is very confusing to listen to. Do you agree with the statement? What is your take on this?
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    There was no television in those days. We used to listen to the radio commentary only. It was in English and there was no difficulty in following the match through commentary. We used to maintain detailed scorecards. The News Papers used to publish run charts for individual batsmen showing the direction and runs scored in straight lines. The length of the line depends on the runs scored. It was very interesting and there were no visuals, a lot of concentration was required to follow the commentary. We used to follow commentary only during holidays.
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    Radio commentary was a great source of enjoyment. It was great experience. Commentators had to depict each happening in ground in lucid and easy way so that we could watch the match through their commentary.
    Live telecast on TV was not accessible to commonmen. One or two persons had TV set and they do not allow everyone to watch the live match.

    I remember those nights when our team would be play in in Australia and I had to get up around 4 a.m. So I used to sleep with transistor set along with my pillow.

    If the commentators were Australians then it would be difficult to understand their relay commentary.

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    In the past, when there was no TV, Radio commentary was the only source to hear the game and enjoy. It depends upon the commentator how good he is in narrating the play. The movements of the players, the striking of the ball, running of the ball, chasing by the fielder, boundary, sixer, catch etc used to be brought live to the listeners.

    Now, after watching the game on TV, radio commentary won't be interesting to hear. In India, TV is available in every house. It can be watched on our Mobiles. So, we can consider Radio as a dead gadget for cricket.

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    In my student days, there were no TVs. So we used to enjoy the commentary on Radio only. There is no confusion in knowing who is bowling and who is facing the ball and how many runs he scored or the bowler got a wicket. But we were getting confused in knowing the filed positions and how the ball was played. When foreigners were there in the commentary box, we are getting problems in understanding their English. But slowly we were getting adjusted. During our Post Graduation, we used to sit in our hostel room and hear the commentary. 5 or 6 students were there.
    But as mentioned by the author those following Hindi commentary was a problem. But we were managing somehow and getting the score updated and the position of the wickets. But watching the match on TV is very much better and it is even better than watching in the stadium.

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    Those days radio commentary was the only alternative to get real time feeling. Before that a lot of homework was needed.This we used to get from The Hindu newspaper sports page or sports magazines like Sports Star etc. Local newspapers used to report 'from our sports correspondent'. So with that data in mind we used to hear the commentary. Sometimes we had unwittingly thrown down our transistor in the excitement or disappointment.

    There were some god commentators who se commentary brought the events clear to our imagination like 'Sanjaya' giving live running commentary to Dhritarashtra in Bhagavat Gita (Mahabharatam).
    That used to e completed only after reading the sports page in the next days newspaper(generally The Hindu) with its pictures.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the old cricket commentators during my radio listening days Balu and Narotham Puri, they used to describe every ball by ball account of happening on the pitch and of course those days were of Five day test matches and three day Ranji Trophy matches. The matches used to be slow and the commentators had huge time to describe the matches and also the statistics in between to create more interest in listening pleasure. But now the one day international and the twenty matches have become fast and time bounded and the new commentators are not trained to handle the basics of the commentary and thus proved to be failure. And when we are having the live feed in gadgets I do not think people are more depending on the radio commentary these days.
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