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    What is the difference between a red ball and a white ball in cricket?

    As we see in Test matches Red ball is used to play and the White ball is used to play in T-20 and ODI formats. In the newly introduced Day and Night matches, a red ball is replaced with a pink ball for visibility? Coming to the query I posted here what is the main discrepancy between a red ball and a white ball in cricket? Is Red ball is heavier in size and bigger in shape than the White ball? Is the red ball harder than a white ball that is why players get injured easily when the red ball hits on their body? What is your take on this?
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    Interesting post from the author. During the five day matches which are necessarily be held during the day time the color of the ball kept red so that the ball could be seen by the batsman, bowler , fielders and the public including the commentators. The visibility would be clear and that is the reason red balls are used. And for the small format cricket the white balls are used as the matches start late evening and goes up to the night with glaring flood lights. The while ball is visible to all and that is the reason they are used. I think the ball weight would be the same irrespective their colors like red or white.
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    There are differences between the white cricket ball and a red cricket ball. It is not just the colour alone. White Ball is used in ODI and T20 games. The Red ball is used in the test matches.
    Red Ball can be used for a longer time than the White Ball. That is why red balls are used in test matches and white ball in other formats.
    Red Ball offers a better swing than the white ball. A spinner can use the red ball more effectively than a white ball.
    A red ball is visible better in the day time. Till recently test matches are being played in day time only. That is why a red ball is being used in test matches. Recently day and night games are started in test matches also and the colour of the ball for these matches is pink.
    Generally, in test matches, the players will use white clothing. So for them, the red ball is more visible. But in other formats, they use colour dresses and white balls are visible better for them,

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    Red ball is used in test matches where as white ball is used in T20 and ODI specially when they are day/night matches.

    White ball is more visible at night than red ball and it appears more prominent on the screen as these days there are more viewers online so they can easily follow the ball in the ground and the pitch.

    White ball is said to swing more and is smoother than the red ball.

    White ball is harder than the red cricket ball.


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