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    Are the reviews appearing on internet are real or managed?

    When ever we want to purchase something new we would either get the performance report from our close relatives and friends or depend on the good reviews of the products. And I feel that the reviews appearing on the internet are not real and it is managed because one bad review can spoil the very good brand image of the company or product and those bad remarks cannot be erased or removed and in that case the companies wants to see that the reviews are not with bad remarks, Are you also believing that the reviews appearing on internet are real or managed?
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    Reviews appearing on the Internet may not be correct but you may be impressed by going through their comments. I think the reviews are closely monitored by the company which produces the products. They are aware of the facts any adverse comments appearing in the review column may affect their volume of selling resulting in less earnings. Hence they are very specific on this issue. Erasing some of the adverse comments will certainly help them to retain their images of producing reliable products. Hence they would take every step to safeguard their own interests.

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    I don't completely rely on the reviews on the internet. Many companies by themselves or through marketing agencies organizing a testers group or influencing group. There they encourage people to buy their product and give reviews. After the reviews go on live, the product price was returned to the customer.

    Customer is benefitted with the refund. According to the customer, he got the product for free. Company got good reviews. The one who lose here are the people who directly purchase from the site by trusting the reviews.

    Testing and influencing group are not bad, if they give right reviews. Company can also get the review for their product by direct selling. But when they make a deal to refund only for 5 star rating, picture reviews, video reviews, then it means their intention is not to get the right feed back but to bring manipulated view on their product.

    Amazon is having eye on these fake influences. They block customers from posting reviews, if they find any profile making too many reviews in short period.

    So, it is always good to get feedback from various sources while buying health related stuffs and expensive things.

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    I am not sure if reviews are real or fake but most probably reviews should not be fake. Certainly, reviews of consumers about any product affect the mind of other new consumers. I downloaded an app of a company to invest some money in it but when I read comments, most of them were negative, however, representative of the company tried to explain issues raised by consumers but answers on behalf of the company could not satisfy me and I deleted the app of that company.

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    Now that the gadgets are available with every one every review can be written to create demand.
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    The e-commerce companies Amazon and Flipkart, along with product details, give reviews and ratings for the products by the customers. If we go through them, there will be varied reviews of the item. Some of them are posted by the verified purchasers. Generally, their reviews are trustworthy. Some reviews will be about packaging. Those we can ignore because it is not about the item but the packaging. There is a return policy. We can use it if we are not satisfied with the item.
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    We cannot rely on the reviews fully because we do not know their genuineness. Another thing is that some people have a tendency of ignoring small deficiencies and try to give an average review and do not dismiss the product as it is. They will give their comments with many ifs and buts. So we have to take the reviews a bit cautiously as taking them on the face values will sometimes be very misleading and we will receive a substandard item. It is only the good refund policy of some of the stores that people are continuing their purchases otherwise these stores would lose a big chunk of business. So seeing the product in some more sites would also help in deciding to make a decision for buying it. The best thing of course in these matters is that if someone in our circle has bought it and used for some time then he will give a better assessment of the particular product and after that the confidence level for buying it would increase.
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    I think the reviews we see on the internet will have both the genuine and the managed also. Sometimes when we see the reviews, there will be a lot of difference from one review to another review. But in some cases, we see no much difference in different reviews. I feel the reviews of the product which are almost similar are more genuine.
    But if we want to purchase the product we can't go completely based on the reviews only. It is better to talk to someone who is using that product and whom we know well. He will definitely give the correct report only. He will never try to give us the wrong impression.
    Another important point is that the standard of the company making the product. Some companies will have brand value and they will never allow their brand value to go down. Even they go to an extent that they can call back all the inferior products from the market and they will replace. So it is better to depend on such brands.

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