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    Let the new timings for this prestigious train remain

    The Chennai to Mettupalayam exp is one of the excellent trains on this important route. However, the arrival timings in the reverse direction used to be very inconvenient for Chennai bound passengers. The train would reach Chennai at exactly 4am. However, the city buses would start plying at 5am and this would be a hell of a problem.

    Today, this train is running on revised timings. It leaves Coimbatore at 10 25 and arrives at Chennai only at around 6pm. One really does not know if the new timings will be applicable after the virus scare is gone. Here is one request to the Railway authorities. Please do make the new timings a regular feature and allow thousands of Chennai bound passengers reach Chennai only at 6am. After all, this train reached Chennai earlier than the other prestigious train called the Cheran Express.
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    Generally, the trains departure and arrival at the destination station are so arranged that they don't leave a departing station(Main station) after 11 p.m and don't reach the destination station before 5. 30 a.m. Railways also keeps the problems faced by the passengers in mind.
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    There is a time table committee with every zonal railways and that is coordinated and taken help during the fixation of train timings, framing new station halts, revising the speed, adding the coaches and above all the occupation of the train is also one of the factor either to retain the old timings or go for new timing. Normally the railways have the constraints of relay routes on the main line because they cannot operate many trains during the morning and evening hours and thus it becomes imperative to decide as to which train more important to carry non stop and reach the destination without halts. Moreover the railways also want to give priorities for fast goods trains which need to ply on the same routes. Therefore we cannot expect the follow of same timings as suggested by the author but passenger associations can always put a request to railways.
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    Nowadays, there are good online mechanism and suggestion systems designed by the Indian Railways for the ease of customers in giving suggestion to it on various matters. If a large number of people give the same suggestion then naturally they will try to accommodate it in their time table or related to some other facility. We have to start this habit of giving suggestion to Indian Railways in such matters one of which is as highlighted by the author.
    The passengers who want to complaint or make any suggestions may download the Mobile App from their site
    Alternatively, the passengers can also file their suggestions on the website
    There is a facility of SMS also for this and passengers can also SMS their valuable suggestions on mobile number 9717630982.
    So, if we use these facilities to give our feedback to Railways then it would be easy to get the desired changes in the timings etc. Only thing is more people have to be associated in this process.

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    True. If the train reaches the destination in a convenient time the passenger will be happy. There is a train from Hyderabad to Nagpur. The train starts from Secunderabad around 10.30 PM and reaches Nagpur around 9.30 AM next day. By the time we get down from the train and get into a hotel, then fresh up and start for the work it will be around 12 Noon. That means we may be losing almost half a day in this bargain. If the train starts at 8,30 PM from Secunderabad, it can reach Nagpur by 6.30 AM. We will not lose any office time and we will get the whole day for our work. So if the Indian railways think and manage the timings in a better way, the passengers will be happier and they will have the convenience.
    After a whole night journey, after getting down from the train, waiting for an hour or two for getting local transport is really very difficult and we feel like we are exhausted. So as mentioned by the author it will be convenient if the train reaches after 6.30 AM.

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