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    How did you plan your vacation?

    2020 is about to end. We are going have the last holidays of this year. Christmas holidays or fall break or winter break, we call it with different names, but this break is something special. Because, we look for more warmth in this break.
    This is the break with an end and with the new beginning. We recall so many memories and plan for the new year.

    So, What did you plan for this Holidays? How are you going to enjoy this holiday?

    I planned for a long drive, (Generally in cold weather, I don't plan for trips.)movie, web series, books, craft work with kids, drive through Christmas decorated places, a get together with friends and finally house cleaning to welcome the New Year.
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    What I feel that stlll the situation is not good to undertake any outing or vacation as the pandemic cases still persists and we should not bring the disease into the homes which was safe and secure all through the challenging period. What I want to do is to visit the relations and friends whom we missed during the past 10 months and even our children are eager to visit their friends and liker soon or the later. Vacation can be planned when the days are good, when the vaccination program is totally covered and let the ray of hope be created that it is now safe to move anywhere, till then planning something like this would be inviting risk to our life. Moreover the air travel, travel by road or by train is not fully secured and there covid procedures are not fully followed and even the outside hotels are not sure to follow rules, so better avoid vacations for now.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would not say that we are going through the last leg of the virus but can very clearly say that we are somewhere in the mid of it and this is the time that we have to be very cautious and alert in our indulgences especially which will be breaking the social distancing norms and other guidelines in the matter. Today, we require a very high degree of cooperation from all the individuals in the society to refrain from mixing, gathering, and other such indulgences and try to celebrate the Christmas and New Year within the boundaries of ones house. Today we have all the facilities of video conferencing and other such online facilities and we should take them for virtual meeting with friends and relatives. If people take some care during the year end and keep control on their temptation to mixing and fun that usually associated with such occasions then it will have a long lasting positive effect and all of us will be benefitted as we will be able to contain the virus to its minimal spread.
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    My plan is with my family, this year, we are all celebrating every festival at home. My family is a joint family and the happiness of the child is special attention to the happiness of the people of the house. Nowadays the enthusiasm for Christmas celebrations is very much in children, one of the reasons is that children themselves follow any religion, but more children are studying at Christian Schools and due to the holiday they get on Christmas The eagerness to celebrate Christmas is very high. That's why we celebrate Christmas at home by cutting cakes after bringing special gifts etc. for all the children of the household. If the corona epidemic had not occurred in the world, then this year we would have taken the children to the garden. It would be my suggestion to all this is not the right time to plan any holiday for long-distance because the danger is still there, and this is the time when we have to save ourselves and our family from this pandemic, we can go for a holiday any other time.

    Merry Christmas to all .......

    Swati Sharma

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    This year we are not planning any trip. This is due to COVID19. So far we have very restricted moments only. We have skipped many functions and celebrations due to the situation caused by this pandemic. I think in the coming summer only we may think of having a trip.
    My brother and sister with their families may come to us this time. They may stay with us for 4 or 5 days. We may not go anywhere in the city also. Only the purchases which we can't do online may require some going out. We may go to a nearby temple. This is all we planned so far. Maybe small changes here and there. But there will not be any major change.
    Every year we were going to our native place for Pongal. All my brothers and sisters will be coming there. But this year that programme also we are differing. In the month of March, we may have to go there for the one-year ceremony of grandmother we expired last year. We will go if there is any change in the situation and if some improvement is noticed.

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    I don't have any plan to move out or to receive any guests. Pandemic is still ON, In the city where I live, there are still Covid-19 cases reported 1000 + on a day and few 10s of deaths. I do not want to take risk. I am waiting for the vaccine to be released. I will take the vaccine and move around freely without any fear or worry about Corana. Probably, I would be free to move after April 2021.
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    We don't have any plan in these vacations due to the spread of corona virus. Last year we went to Shitlakhet which is a small hill station far from the city. We did enjoy there as it was too cold and little bit of snow but overall it was a nice experience for me and my family.

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    Still we are feeling the pinch of corona virus in our town and as such most of us make restricted movements and that too with the appropriate wearing of a mask and at the same time, we ensure the maintenance of the safe distancing. Hope we will see its departure at the earliest with the appearance of the vaccine. Let us hope that our cautiousness and effectiveness of the vaccine would put an end to the present chapter.
    By April next year, we may have the relaxed atmosphere and then we may take up some planning to move to some places to visit our near relatives. We do meet our close relatives through FaceTime very frequently to know their developments.

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