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    Do the circumstances of our life affect our writing work

    Like all of us, writers here share our thoughts through the art of writing and are eager to know the views of other writers so that we get a chance to understand various aspects of life. But I have a new curiosity that when we start writing on any topic, then our mind is set, we choose a particular subject and then tell our thoughts on that subject.

    The choice of subject and your thoughts on that subject depends on your circumstances or whether you work in harmony with your writing work and the good bad events of your life.

    I cannot say the same about other professions because in most professions we have to work according to a fixed process but writing is a profession that is directly connected to our lives. Authors, please share your experiences and thoughts.
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    Writing is a creative activity. There are many such activities like painting, crafting, innovating, pondering etc where one has to think in newer ways for a better creative product. All these engagements depend on various factors and circumstances are definitely one of them. It is said that the great writer of Hindi stories, Munshi Premchand, did not stay in house and was mostly sitting in his fields and outdoors while composing his stories. A typical village house was not conducive to him for creating his excellent stories which are being read today by people across the world. That is one example to understand the effect of surroundings on ones creativity. Another important thing is mood which is more of a psychological thing rather than the physical and it is said that if mood is their creativity becomes a dull activity producing dimly some garbage. So, many artist require this mood thing to be there and if it is not there they simply idle their time and wait for their mood to resurface again. Circumstances of our lives are the background on which our creative works simply float and we present it to others.
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    Truly said by the author, the place , the circumstances and the timing also matters while bringing out the best writing caliber within us. We may have good topic , good content planned to write but when it comes to writing and preparing to write, the mind should be set on the content and not wavering on things which are bothering us either too. What I feel that morning wee hours are the best time to run the fresh thoughts and that will give the impetus to write good topic and good content. And by beginning with a thread and having hoisted early morning, we have the advantage of members responding the whole day and thus we get good replies and reviews from others. For me when I set to write, the ideas pour in automatically and my hands go on typing, there by create the content within two to three minutes without any fuss.
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    The greatest poet in Telugu is Allasani Peddana. He was in the kingdom of Sri Krishnadevaraya. One day the king asked Peddana to recite a poem. Then the poet answered the king that it is not easy to tell a poem. He also told that the environment, the mindset and the ambience plays an important role. Same is the case here also.
    When our mind is not on the job we are doing and when we are not in a cool mind, we may not be able to write properly. Sometimes it will take a long time to place a thread but sometimes it will come spontaneously.
    For me, it will be taking a long time sometimes for answering a thread. But sometimes while reading the threads itself some idea comes into my mind. All depends on the environment around and the state of the mind at that moment.

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