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    Our tea demand also increases with the cold season.

    Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the country after water. Consuming more tea is harmful to health, but a limited intake of tea has many benefits as well.

    In the winter season, where heat can be brought to the body with tea, tea can also relieve body fatigue. On cold days, mixing basil with tea and drinking it, the body gets rid of many problems with the necessary warmth. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants. Due to which it helps in reducing cholesterol. Consumption of tea can relieve problems like colds. In winter, drinking ginger tea can easily get rid of colds.

    Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, it is prudent to adopt a proper intake of tea so that it is not harmful to us in any season.
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    Indians are more habituated to have tea or coffee all through the day and it acts as the stimulant and starter before engaging on any work. For some the tea break or the coffee break would bring them the renewed energy and new thoughts comes out automatically. And come winter the demand for more tea is on we have to contain our taste buds because too much tea drinking is harmful to health. But when we are in company of people we have to oblige and have a sip of tea for the sake of companionship and for some they take tea at least five to six times a day. Earlier during my extensive traveling, I used to drink more tea as I used to meet more people on company job. But now I have reduced to one Coffee earlier in the morning and one tea in the evening. But there are people who want special tea all through the day.
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    Yes tea has many benefits and the main one is that it provides warmth in the winter so the consumption of the same increases in winters. Apart from it tea has many other benefits likes it is good antioxidant, it help in reducing risk of heart stroke, it helps in reducing risk of cancer, it may reduce blood pressure, helps in reducing cholestrol level. So one much consume it for its benefits . But excess of everything is bad so if taken in excess people become addicted to it and it kills sleep so should not be consumed specially at night.

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    When we think of tea, we usually think about the regular ones made with milk, sugar and tea powder. Drinking it frequently is definitely not good for our health. However, various other teas are beneficial to us in many ways. Just boil some ginger in water and sip it slowly to get rid of cough and cold. It is known as ginger tea. However, instead of drinking it, we add ginger to the regular one and drink it. If we wish to remain healthy, we need to skip adding tea powder, sugar and milk to it. Similarly, green tea is another healthy alternative. Many different herbs and spices are added to boiling water and teas are made.

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    Tea contains abundant antioxidants providing you cholesterol reducing property, reducing fatigueness and instant energy booster especially in the winter when we feel the spells of cold waves. It could prove to the excellent beverage if a piece of ginger is boiled with the tea and milk and sugar are added as per your taste. If you could minimise the sugar content keeping the quantity to be bare minimum, the better. Consumption of this beverage goes on the higher side especially in the winter just to keep the body warm. Sometimes we would like to have its rich aroma to satisfy our taste buds.
    However to get the health benifits of this beverage, ensure that it is not to be consumed in excess quantity in the empty stomach otherwise this will invite acidity and constipation. The other variant - green tea contains host of benifits such as taking care of your excess cholesterol of the metabolism and weight reducing property.

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    Tea brings energy to the body and it activates the body. Whenever I feel sleepy I will take a little Tea and have a little walk. I will become active. Many people will also follow this. That way tea is a good stimulator. It gives enthusiasm to the body.
    Tea is good for the people having a gas problem. Antioxidants help in reducing the gas problem. It will help also in reducing the cholesterol in our body.
    These days we are getting many varieties of Tea powders and they are supposed to give many benefits to us. Green tea has become very famous these days.
    I take tea without sugar and milk. Black tea is nothing but water boiled with some tea powder and filtered. There are no other additions in this. We can consume this as many times as we want. I used to take 3 or 4 cups of black tea in our office. But these days I stopped taking so many times. I take only once in a day I take this tea. Early morning I take green tea. As mentioned by the author when it is very cold outside if we take a cup of hot tea it will give heat to our body and we will become active.

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    Tea and coffee both are hot drinks and are very popular items in our country and many people sip them so many times a day. In winters the consumption might increase as the demand of the body goes up to fight the cold but I have seen many people taking tea even in summer also quite a number of times.
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    Tea has become a very common hot drink in our country and people are more and less habitual of this and if they do not get it in a required frequency they start getting uneasiness and headache. I remember one of the person in my acquaintance was travelling and did not get tea by 11 AM and thence started to have nausea and vomiting sensation. The spouse with him could identify the syndrome immediately and provided some hot tea to the sufferer and immediately the ailment was cured.
    In winter season, our body demand of tea increases significantly and to some extent it is good for our health though excessive use is definitely harmful.

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    Tea is the most common beverage in the most part of the country. I agree with the author that its demand goes up in winter season. Now cold wave has started and I have increased doses of tea. In normal days I take tea thrice in a day but when cold wave starts tea is frequently prepared.
    I like to have tea with ginger and prefer jaggery to sugar. Some people don't like jaggery but I like when it colds. In small town and villages it's commonly used. I don't think some of the city dwellers might have ever tasted it.

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