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    Helping each other is necessary for the overall growth of the society

    Most of the people work for own benefits and that is the inherent human nature and there is nothing wrong or immoral in that. It becomes a wrong practice only when it harms other people or the society and then such practices are condemned by all of us. They are in many cases also punishable under the laws.
    Some people are inclined to do things properly without violating the social and national norms and many times it also happens that they do certain amount of labour and efforts for the general welfare of the society and individuals and are also respected in the society for such a noble need done by them.
    Naturally the latter type of people are a great asset to all of us and many of us cherish from their example and try to imbibe same virtues in us also.
    I have heard many people to comment that why we should help others and why not to be within our own territory and look after our own interest. The answer to that is very simple that if everyone looks only for ones selfish interest then we cannot progress as a concerted society and will remain in that dark alley only where there is no scope for a collective growth. So it is imperative that though we think for ourselves only but a part of our efforts should be targeted to help others also. Members may like to opine.
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    What I feel that we should follow the barter system of living in olden days when people used to exchange things for they have with things of they want. Likewise people should exchange help in return of other favor and that would be the befitting living because everyone would be addressed with their problems and their immediate requirements are taken care off. Suppose a well educated person can always go for the tuition to the necessary students during the spare time and in return that family can help him through cash or kind. By the way we should not treat the barter system as the business but in the main concept of helping with equal balancing of the amount thus returned or pledged. If this system of helping each other is carried out, surely the wants of many people could be addressed and redressed with ease.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The truth is that community development is possible only when we want the development of everyone by helping each other. Animals and birds also sometimes help each other in such a way that becomes inspiring for humans. Such incidents have been seen and heard for centuries. Philanthropy means helping others. Philanthropy has an important place in life. Therefore we should adopt the spirit of philanthropy. Nature does so much benevolence on us and we also see people helping. As long as you are standing on the ground, standing with full vigor and moving fearlessly, then you have no strength to reach your destination Can not stop We should treat others as we want others to be towards us. It is the responsibility of every person to return to the world that much he has won from the world. We should take time out of our precious time and help others.
    Swati Sharma

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    True. A human being is a social living entity. So his development only will not ensure the quality of his life. Society has to develop. Then only we will have true self-development also. So one should always try for the welfare of the society also in addition to self-development. For that, all should try and help others also so that they will also develop.
    We can't live alone in society. Today we are hale and healthy. But tomorrow we may be in a problem. Then we require some help from others. That is why we should help others when they require and when we can. This fact should not be forgotten.
    We should respect others and give them the help required to the maximum extent possible. The people who got benefitted from our help will keep that in their mind and they will forward to help us when we require some help. If we have the habit of helping others, definitely there will be somebody to help at the required time.

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