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    Is education a gateway to wisdom?

    To understand this, it is important to understand the meaning of education. Education is a gradual process to acquire knowledge or to learn things. It can be done in schools and colleges, or many other ways like providing proper training, conducting workshops, etc. depending upon the type of education. To educate someone also includes teaching about moral values, behavioral aspects, technical skills, and many more. So, people get educated depending upon their needs and the available resources they have.
    After education, acquiring all the knowledge, we enter the world of challenges of professional life as well as personal front. Now the question comes that why we have to face challenges when we are surrounded by all the educated people in our professional life? Why it becomes difficult to explain our views one a matter on the family front? It is all because of the differences in the thoughts and practical approach to the education you have acquired, and it is called 'Wisdom'.
    Wisdom is nothing but decision-making ability after a thought process that may include your education and previous experiences.
    So, education merely cannot help you to become wise. After completing a master's degree, all the batch mates cannot get the same success even when get taught by the same professors. Here the wisdom makes the differences. You become wise when you learn to apply your knowledge in a wise way to solve the issues. You become wiser when you start learning from your past mistakes and your thoughts are not solely dependent upon your education.

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    The author has beautifully described the difference between getting educated and gaining wisdom. Today, illiteracy is getting eradicated throughout the world, and the right to education is the policy adopted. When everyone is being educated in different areas, it does not mean that everyone is gaining wisdom. Gaining knowledge is one thing. Wisdom only comes to them who adopt that knowledge for practical use. We can gain all the knowledge that exists in the entire world, and yet, we can remain unwise. Only when we use it and benefit from it, we will become wise.

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    WIsdom and education. The author very rightly brought up the difference. In fact, my opinion is that an uneducated person may be having a pearl of better wisdom than an educated person.
    Wisdom comes by adapting ourselves to practical situations in this world. I know a Post Graduate who knows that he has to pay examination fees and paid the same in the bank. But he doesn't know that he has to submit the challan to university as a proof of payment and thinks that the bank will inform the university about the payment.
    A person with wisdom will have good judgemental and decision-making abilities in addition to education and experience.
    Sometimes I feel education may not be a requirement for a person to be wise if he has common sense and some experience in different areas.

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    Education is very important thing in our lives. We learn not only the academic parts but also learn about the world around us. The learning is the thing that percolates our mind much and forces us to think beyond the normal activities of life. Using our acquired academic knowledge and learnings in a correct way for our development and making a career gives us experience of the real practical life and that is the point from where the wisdom starts generating in our deeds or actions. So, education is the building block of the progress and the prosperity which we finally attain in our lives. Education also makes us well mannered and full of etiquette as the path of acquiring education is laid through those territories only. Without learning and education a person is like an animal and not more than that. His faculties will be limited to food, money, and work only. He would not know that there are many other important things also available in this world for ones creative enlightenment.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Education is the essential ingredient to make pupils wisdom. Education is not only confined to the advanced knowledge in the areas they are persuing. It even covers the areas directing us to be well mannered, behaving rationally with the people and how best tyey can be analytical to solve the problems related to their practical lives.
    Wisdom comes naturally with the acquisition of knowledge. The practical life would be somewhat different where the pupils would be encountered with host of problems. In that situation they need to apply their knowledge already acquired in the domain of practical field. Success in this area would depend upon his cool thinking in the related domains and proper application of their wisdoms. Irrespective of the streams persued by the pupils, they become veteran in their logical thinking. This logical thinking process help them to arrive at the right solution in their field of approach.

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    Education is an important tool that helps in the overall development of an individual. It helps to acquire good behavior, knowledge, maintaining emotional balance, and co-operation with others, socialize, etc. Due to interaction with other people in the society of the same educational level and knowing new developments in the world around through various means educated people have more possibility of attaining more wisdom. If you compare an individual living in a remote village when compared to an individual living in a big city, we may find easily the difference of their wisdom. Of course, you may sometimes get attracted to an uneducated village guy by his talkativeness but it is superficial only. Yes, education has a strong impact on the development of wisdom. If you think of general abilities as wisdom, some uneducated people also may excel in their abilities. For example, the Telugu Superhero of ester years and Dadasaheb Phalke award winner was an uneducated person. But he has supreme talent in acting and he is one of the best in his behavior. In Telugu, there is a proverb, a washerman is better than an educated person.

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    We know the importance of Education in our life. Society can develop only when all are educated in all terms. We can not say that only by school or college education we can learn all things. There are many more lessons we have to learn in our life those come from our experience, our company, and sometimes we got them from our near atmosphere. Wisdom is a power that we generate ourselves and many factors affect it. Our morals and values which we are getting from our family, our thinking, etc are affecting our wisdom. Education helps us to find a status in society, but we can not get wisdom by education only. In today's era, it is important to understand the value of Practical knowledge.
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