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    Household jobs are like an unending sequence

    Being a housewife it is my responsibility to take care of the household jobs and management. It does not matter much whether I get it done through the servants or do it myself but the important thing is that all the eyes will be on the housewife for everything in the household. It is a job entrusted to her since time immortal and she has accepted it also. My contention is that all the projects and jobs finish or end at some stipulated time but this household job is the one which is unending and never has a stop button in it. It is a perpetual work going round the clock and family members take it in a normal way that household work is like that only and what is the new thing in that.
    Have you, especially the female members here, experienced this unending nature of the household jobs or you have no issue with it. Please share your views.
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    What the author mentioned in the thread is absolutely correct. Earlier days when I was going out for my job, I am not observing how my wife is managing her time in the house. But these days I am spending more time in the house and I am seeing how she is managing the issues. She follows the participative management methodology always. She will be overseeing the works that are being done by the servant maid also. If there are 4 people in the house. she remembers who prefers what and accordingly she will be arranging the food for them.
    If we want to go out, till the last minute she will be doing something or other. She says otherwise she can't complete the work. In the afternoon she goes for sleep for about an hour. But she will be on duty the remaining times. After completing her work also in the night, she remembers something and does back to the kitchen and compete for the work and comes back. It is a 24 X 7 job. Not like a profession where there will be some fixed hours of work.

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    There are many people who feel that household job is not a big deal and it can be managed very easily but they realise it only when due to some changed circumstances they are given that responsibility and they immediately start to search for alternatives. The wearer only knows where the shoe pinches. I think the women in our country or say in our homes are the dedicated lots and doing their responsibilities well and in a praise worthy manner. In our ego we may not openly appreciate them but it is a fact and many people would agree to it. Household jobs have no beginning and no end. They emerge in a house from nowhere and whatever efficiency one attends to them they go on emerging with the same speed everyday and every moment. Even the people having a battalion of servants are not able to manage the household in good order.
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    My mother used to say,'Veedu adangi velai senja viral madakka neramillai' means no time to even fold a finger if one do household work. This is very true when I see in some houses. Employed ladies ,in many houses do not engage themselves in household works instead they appoint servants by sharing their earnings well.

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    It is true and great to see he apt proverb shared by Ranachandran that f the work of the house to be done more neatly and with precision of every detail to be attended daily, then 24 hours would not be enough and our households are great that they are managing all the work within the day and even take time out for watching the serials on the television and this they would feel that they are totally engaged and gifted to do all work precisely to the satisfaction of all members in the house and especially they have to take time out for the elders to maintain their needs and requirements too.
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    Ramachandran Sir, rightly said. I too heard of this quote at my home. But I understood its meaning only after I got married. True that work is not ending at all. Sometimes I plan to reduce my cooking time, once I finish cooking early, I extend some cleaning chores. But one thing I learned, most of my time is saved, if I plan my food menu for the day on the previous night itself. My biggest kudos to the ladies who tries to be active on this kind of of forums, they pull up themselves to contribute something sensible. I wish everybody has their own ME time to make their life meaningful.
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    Malini, I appreciate your constructive note in response to this post.
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    It is always said, "A mother is always on job but a father can be retired" and this statement truly depicts the picture of a housewife in a family. They always have a long list of chores to be done in their mind. My mother is old now so whenever I visit my parents, I cook for my parents so that my mother can get a break from this. What I expect is that she should take a rest while I am preparing food but what happens is she indulge herself in other pending tasks saying, "this also has to be done".
    It is really important to take out some time for yourself, to think about your hobbies, your likes, and dislikes. It helps you to feel happy and satisfied with whatever you are doing.


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    I also agree A man retires after the age of about 60 years, but a woman never retires at any age. Even though a lot of absurdities and sometimes sons are also helpful to help women, but it is mostly seen that women do all the household chores alone without any complaint to the happiness of the family. Everyone likes to work for their loved ones, but the family should also understand its importance. It is surprising when some people believe that what the housewives have to do is work. There is no end to housework nor is there any fixed time management. Whenever the work that you get is to be completed at that time. Women should be respected by all for this excellent work capacity, and as much as possible and help them in household tasks. Nowadays man and women both involve in household work but still, society believes that women are first responsible for household work.
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    Household job is a great responsibility. No man can perform all these duties if entrusted . It is a woman who can do all these household chores beautifully . I wonder to see that she never feels tired. Sometimes it happens a woman is not well so man does some household work but she can never be satisfied to work of a man. Often, I see she gets up and resumes working despite not being well.
    What a man does except going out to earn some money rest all responsibilities rest on her shoulder. My wife gets up early in the morning whereas I am still in bed.

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    We had a thread on this topic, raised by Neeru herself earlier: Household chore is a monotonous activity.
    I quite enjoy doing some of the household chores. I do like cooking, especially trying out some new recipe, and with no maid since the lock down began (we've told her not to come till there is some definite effective vaccine at least) have been finding it jolly good fun mopping the floor. One thing I don't like is rolling out rotis and find it really tedious to hang up clothes for drying! I am often eager to be done with the chores quickly so that I can get down to sitting at my laptop and log in here or work on a blog.

    Of course, once in a while I get fed up of the housework routine and fervently wish to get away, dine out perhaps or go on a short trip, both of which currently cannot be done.

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    Household jobs does not have any terminal point at which it stops. This is a continuous activity right from the early morning to the last of the night. Even though maids or helpers are available to attend these jobs, but after all there must be someone to look after these chores done as per planning to the housewives. After all maids are the paid servants and carry out their jobs just to earn money and may lack responsibility. The housewives cannot avoid their responsibilities despite their delegations to the maids. There is no age when they should take their retirement. Their responsibilities would not allow them to take rest until it is a late night. Though the jobs can be shared by other close relatives but still she would not have the contentment unless checked the whole assignments by her.

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    Truly said by the author. All kinds of the job having a retirement age except housewives job. This job is a dedicated job for a family in which housewives has to do the job for 24 hours. Only housewives job on the earth which is done without payment. Very few people understand its importance. Most of the people feel that it is done easily by ladies. They never care about what she does. On the other hand, she dedicates her entire life for the welfare of the family. In return, she never demands anything. I think, our society needs to be changed their mindset in the context of housewives to the male member could equally participate in household chores.

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    In continuation, I will like to add some suggestive and advisory points in this thread. In our Indian living style in many families, kitchen is a place which is always vibrant with activities as someone other than the housewife will also be there preparing tea for himself or making some quick snacks or things like that. Then many family members generally have varying times for taking their meals and in each case the kitchen again gets importance for if not cooking then heating the food for consumption. What I feel is that we require to have some kitchen discipline in our house and the kitchen time should be fixed and all the members should see that their needs are met during those fixed hours. In the beginning it might look difficult to practice that but if we all adhere to the kitchen discipline then the housewives will get a good chunk of time totally free for other creative and constructive activities. I have seen some families managing like that.
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