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    To whom you vote-a educated politician or an uneducated politician?

    The education of an individual is very important in order to promote good things in society. So our governments are spending a lot of money in their budget to promote education in every state. In our democracy, there is no inhibition in uneducated people to become a member of the assembly, parliament, or panchayat. From long back, educated people of our country demanding, discussing, and debating if educated people come to politics, the scenario of our country will be changed. Some people still believe that if a politician is a good person, no need to bother him if he cannot sign. Suppose if you want to differentiate to vote with uneducated or educated, to whom you vote? Why?
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    I prefer to vote for a person who is reliable and will not involve in corruption. If you want a comparison between an educated politician and an uneducated politician, I am not finding any difference. Why because whether a politician is educated or uneducated, he will be guided by an educated bureaucrat. They know how to make the rules and how to break them. As long as they are not having integrity, education will not make any difference. That is the reason we are not finding any difference in the political arena irrespective of the education levels of the politicians.
    If the politicians are not educated also IAS officers working under him know how to manage the issues.

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    While voting I always see many parameters and judge the candidate who is fit to be voted again. As to what was his promise and what he has done to our area. What was his actual position and what is today. As to how he asked the vote last time and how he came this time. As to how many people are around him and had they ever helped us in settling the issues brought to them in the past. Though we may not know the candidate who are standing in the elections, we must see the party also which may be dear to us and to which we are the staunch supporters at the national level.
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    Whatever people may say, many people in India vote for a party or caste. The political parties also give ticket to only such people who are capable of winning by virtue of their money, and caste support. No one wants his vote to go waste and even if there is a good candidate, they think of the party and caste. If really worth is the criteris, Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan of Lok satta party should never lose an election. For the discussion sake so many things may be said but ultimately party and caste play important role.
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    I think it is unfortunate that uneducated people are given tickets to contest elections. Uneducated people shouldn't be allowed to contest elections. It is prevalent in many states as well as in JK where mostly uneducated people are contesting elections.
    I have never seen uneducated people contesting elections in huge numbers before as I have seen it in this BDC elections. People are making roasters on these uneducated candidates in JK and they are getting viral.
    The point is uneducated, corrupt and criminals should never get a chance to contest the election only then we could make better choices for the candidate.

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    For everything there is a minimum education eligibility but unfortunately for politics nothing like that is stipulated in the election procedure and process. It may be strange but is true. There might be some fundamental constitutional rights for such a thing but that is not the matter to be discussed because constitutional rights are for all other things also. Anyway most of the people feel that there should be a minimum qualification for the people who want to fight for election. I also vouch for that and till that time we have to be satisfied with the existing laws in the matter. As other members have also opined my view is also same that educated or uneducated does not matter much what matters is the character and honest approach of the leader or the politician. Any person who is wishing for the growth of nation and not for his personal wealth is welcome for these high positions.
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    Having seen many useless people are joining the parties and the EC cannot stop them the voters are given the sweeping power to decide on NOTA to protest no candidate were interested .
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    I really do not know the difference between an educated and uneducated politician in terms of behaviour or utterings in public meetings and rallies. In corruptions too I don't think one is ahead of another. Actually, we think education in terms of degrees and certificates because to earn them the only parameter is passing an exam. I know many people and I am sure many of you also know a lot of people who passed various exams during their lifetime by cheating/copying. Are we going to call them educated-corrupt or corruptly-educated? Why do we say it so often that such and such things are not expected from educated persons? I think we need to redefine the term educated.

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    I don't think if any of the voter would be able to know qualifications of contesting candidates from his constituency. This question is absolutely out of box in the present political scenario because nowhere candidates ' educational qualifications are mentioned. If it were mentioned then we would ponder over this matter too.
    As a matter of fact every voter considers party and caste to cast his vote. If the candidate is a criminal and voters are aware of his criminal record too but since he belongs to their caste or is contesting on ticket of their favourite party they would vote for him . This is the real face of democracy.

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    Politics is the things where an educated person also behaves like an uneducated person so it hardly metters if a person is educated or not.

    There should be a minimum qualification for a person to stand in the elections . It looks bad when an uneducated person orders the educated people once he/she becomes a leader. I always vote an educated person in a hope he/she will understand our needs but it doesn't happen.


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    I would like the person we are choosing to participate in the future and development of the country should be educated. Education is an important pillar for anyone's life as well as the country and society. The leader is our representative who is to work for our development and our benefit. If only our leader is not educated, then how will he understand the concept of development. Today in our country, there is a qualifying scale for every task/job, but when it comes to choosing a leader, then why is this scale not brought up.
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    Education is one important attribute when we assess a person whether it is in politics or any other trade in the world. But it is not the only considerate when we go for voting a person in any election. In my opinion, what we have to do is we have to vote for a good leader irrespective of his education. He should be an active person and should be known for his qualities for the development of the society and nation.
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