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    The art of staying in the business

    Companies like Asian Paints have solutions that enable customers to avail their experts to colour their houses with annovative solutions; companies like ITC and Cavinkare are into a variety of sanitizers. Now that the hotels are back in business, there are many tourist operators into the game of organizing conducted tours for various types of tourists.

    After a lull in the storm, the event managers are getting bust once again. The weddings conducted under different circumstances, still have the Sangeeth as part of the celebrations. The beauty experts are charging a premium for their services. And the highway hotels that serve a variety of dishes are once again making a lot of money, as those with their own cars have started moving around and between the big cities.

    All these "back in business" strategies are just not routine activities at all. They are being custmized and this makes a big difference. The art of staying in business is always as relevant as never before.
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    Yes. We should know how our presence should be felt by others in the business. Otherwise, we will be lost in the game. Many top companies try to change their ways and means of working so that they will be always making profits.
    For IT industries Corona has given a lesson that they can get the work done by their employees from the home itself. That helped them to reduce many operation costs and some companies are thinking of working from permanently. Like this the if we can convert the threats we are having into opportunities we will be successful in our business.

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    Those who are connected to the customers and maintaining the relations even during the covid period are bound to act again and regain the lost glory and especially the hospitality and service Industries are much back in the business with more customer connect. Even the IT Industries are mulling their back to office concept because the foreign clients have renewed the contracts and those old staff who are more connected are asked to work from office. So here is all around turn around and this is good sign for the Indian economy as we are more poised to win and better that lastly placed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Business itself is an art and very people have expertise in it. Today if you ask the youngsters what is their career ambitions the most of them will say a job with fat salary. No one would utter that business is their interest or they want to do business. The reason is very obvious that business is an area which is very difficult and for a novice it is really a most difficult endeavour. Business requires not only common sense but also a very hard working attitude which very few people possess. So, doing business is a difficult proposition and staying in business is a much more difficult one. If we remember that there used to be shops selling the audio and video tapes or cassettes or CDs or DVDs. Suddenly they disappeared from the scenes and got replaced with mobile shops and electronic gadget shops. The transition was so quick that only the capable ones could survive in the turmoil. The fast changing technology today is compelling the businessmen to foresee the business environment what it would be like after 10 years and then only it can survive in the market.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Starting and doing a business may not be so difficult but definitely staying in business is a very difficult thing but that is required as that is the most crucial thing for survival of a business house. Many business houses are not able to change themselves with changes in the market and associated technologies and then there are some concerns of marketing and sustaining the quality of the product and services which are also of paramount importance.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Covid 19 stopped most of the business companies but now conditions are changing. All the business entities are coming back on track. It will eliminate unemployment problem also. Online work from home was going on during corona period but it can not be an alternative for physical working in office . Hotel industries will take time to regain their business. People are still not touring as they used to do in prepandemic era.
    Now another wave of corona is at threshold which is said to be more dangerous. Our government has stopped flights from Europe especially from England. The danger of corona is not over yet. It will take time to regain the momentum back.

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