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    It is very important to be a good listener.

    Some people have a special habit that they often know to speak only to show their smartness, whereas they do not like to listen to others or take knowledge from them. But to be successful in life, it is essential to be a good listener.

    When a speaker is talking about himself, people usually start getting bored after a while and start talking but a good listener listens to the time till it is finished.

    People pay attention to the voice of the speaker and the way he speaks, while good listeners take the depth of the speaker's speech and the message hidden in it. A good listener takes note of what is applicable in his/her life and things that improve themselves.

    One of the big advantages of being a good listener is that many times the speaker often tells some things that change our life and we identify the path to success.
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    Yes.Many problems arises only because of half hearing or not hearing. In Tamil epic Silapathikaram half hearing of king Pandya resulted in total ruin of city by kannagi.

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    Talk less and listen more is a good suggestion. If everyone follows this, there may not be people who talk. When we talk, we talk about something which we already know but if we listen to others, we may learn many things unknown to us. In a group, the conversation should be general in nature or about any topic other than self or health problems. As the author suggested, if someone talks about himself, the others get disinterested.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Talking is an art but listening is the greater art. Talking is alright when one is given that type of assignment like giving a lecture or explaining something to a gathering otherwise talking for pastime or talking ill about others is not a correct use of talking. Talking should be done as is a mandatory part of job otherwise listening would be more helpful and knowledge enhancing thing. Being a good listener has many associated advantages and a good listener is always a good performer in the real life. Inculcating good listening habits is required for a healthy and progressive mindset.
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    God has given us one mouth and two ears. This he has done to indicate us that we should listen at least double to what we talk. But many of us will never do that. We should listen to understand what is the point of view of the other person. But many of us listen to differ. This is not the correct trait.
    Always we should hear patiently when others are speaking. If you have any doubt you can ask him during the talk or immediately after the talk as per the convenience of the speaker. Some speakers prefer clearing the doubts then and there itself. But some may prefer after completing his talk. We should go as per his convenience.
    It is always better to reserve our talk. Hear completely what the other person speaks. understand and compare the same with your own idea. Once you do this.
    There are people who will be very cautious while speaking. They never talk a word more or less than required. Those people concentrate on hearing while other people are speaking. After they finish their talk, this person will talk as required.

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    I agree with the author that we should listen to what is spoken to us, especially, when a knowledgeable person is speaking. We should listen to him attentively and should keep on asking him questions as well. It will encourage him to share his gained knowledge with more enthusiasm and second , we can check how much knowledge he has about a particular subject. But it doesn't mean that you have to keep quiet. Speak logically and share you knowledge and see that the same knowledgeable will be impressed by you.

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