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    Food items best for breathing and respiratory problems

    Breathing and respiratory problems affect a lot of our happy living. But we can avoid such problems by consuming some healthy food items.

    Oranges are rich in vitamin C, iron, Vit b6, These activators increase the production of red blood cells, and these red blood cells increase more oxygen supply to body cells. Vitamin C increases immunity to respiratory infections.

    Pudina leaves include menthol and Rosmarinic acids. They help to clear phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract. Pudina helps to remove phlegm, mucus, infection, and even pneumonia.

    Ginger zinc, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene. These ingredients help to clean the respiratory tract and reduce friction between the muscles of the respiratory tract for easy breathing.

    Garlic includes an important ingredient Allicin which fights against the virus that causes cold. So consuming garlic along with various dishes is always good to keep away the viruses that cause cold.
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    Very informative post by the author. There are many natural items most of which are available in our kitchen that are useful in bad throat and such conditions. They are time tested and our elders always told us to use these natural items time to time for curing these throat and respiratory system related ailments which are in the nature of allergy also sometimes. I also find that ginger, pepper, basil etc are very helpful in getting the congestion in the throat to get cleared. Normally we boil these things in water for a prolonged time and then take it with milk and sugar for taste purposes but one can take them raw also.
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    The information given by the author through his post is quite helpful. It is a good time in winter to improve your health, especially those who have respiratory problems, should take special care of themselves at this time. Breathing is common when you do something more industrious or stressful, but it can be a medical condition without any hard work and if it causes problems suddenly. Both garlic and onion are vegetables that cause bad breath after eating. But the important thing is that these vegetables not only increase the immunity of our body but also make our lungs i.e. langs strong. This will help to keep your lungs clean and safe. Broccoli, ie green cabbage, is very helpful in removing lung and respiratory problems. You should consume broccoli properly during the winter season, then your lung will be safe from any disease.
    Swati Sharma

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    All the items shared by the author were already in regular use and we may not know the importance of it. But the corona and the after effects has created lots of awareness among us to explore new ways and means to keep ourselves healthy fit and we are getting to know the fact that the very usage of same food items are actually increasing our immunity boost and keeping fit. What I feel that if elders are present at the home they would be recommending the select food items only for the immunity and energy boost. Indian foods have good energy to tackle any kind of adverse effect on the health and that is the reason being so our desi way of keeping away was more successful than other countries and we are now in the verge of completely eradicating the pandemic and live the new way of life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A piece of very good information from the author and it will be very useful to many of us. Many of the food items especially vegetables and fruits are having very good medicinal values. Once we start consuming those items we will have good health and we will remain happy. Almost all doctors are suggesting to eat more vegetables and fruits for better health.
    Recently I heard about a doctor in Hyderabad who treats all critical ailments also by giving medicines made from vegetables and fruits. It is something different from normal Ayurvedic or herbal treatment. One of relation in Hyderabad having cancer in the brain and allopathic doctors did the surgery but told that she can't survive more than one or two months. Then her husband took her to this doctor and now she is normal. She is improving and this is almost one year she is using this medicine and she appears much better now.
    There are many fruits which are good for our health. An Apple a day will keep you away from the doctor. Beetroot and Carrot will be very good for improving our blood.

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