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    Do you face power cuts?

    When I'm writing this thread, it has already been three hours without electricity. In this chilly weather conditions, we don't get proper electricity and people are made to suffer while a major portion of our electricity is going to some neighbouring states and people have to find some other alternatives.
    Without electricity, people are facing a lot of problems and winters become unbearable without proper facilities. Water is so cool that it is almost difficult to take it over the hands.

    We are the most unfortunate people that we generate huge electricity yet not getting our proper share. If not now in this freezing temperatures then when do we get this power supply so we could get some relief. We face frequent power cuts in winters when it is needed the most.
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    About 10-15 years back many states in our country were facing this situation as most of the state electricity boards are very mis managed and do not work with sincerity. But there were many reforms and some states the electricity board were revamped by restructuring them and dividing in 3-4 main parts having different Directors and were treated as business units. Then the present regime after taking power in 2014 kept this on a priority and made the electricity as a thrust area. So, in many states there is not such problem of electricity as time to time surplus from the national grid is immediately connected to the depriving areas.
    Most of the times the outage is due to the mismanagement and lack of strong governance in the state. Citizens should be aware of these things and should be vigilant for their facilities also. The employees of the state Govt generally have a tendency of lazy and delayed working and the result is that the state only suffers due to this. In last 2 years there is a phenomenal improvement in supply of electricity in UP and the credit goes to the strong governance of the present Govt.

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    We don't have any powercuts since so many years. As AP got separated from combined AP, our state is having surplus electricity. After separation our state is constructing so many solar power stations also in many districts. I hope there may not any powercuts in future too. Even though the consumption of electricity in summer is more, we don't have any power cuts at that time also in AP.

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    Fortunately the TRS govt in Telangana is making sure that the farm and domestic power is maintained and even during peak summer we were having full power and without any cuts. In fact we are having excess power which is being sold to other states for the price. I think India needs to have proper power supply management as some states like AP and TS have the excess power production and many states are having power cuts during the day. Except during the natural calamities or the maintenance of the power grids and the local power station shifting of power supply to other grids, the power supply is generally fully available. But we too were facing power outage when the Congress and TDP was ruling the state but TRS govt has taken up power and irrigation on big way and thus we are proving to be good on two.
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    The problem of a power cut is not much in our area, sometimes there is a power cut but for a very short time. But there was a time when electric corporation used to declare daily power cut for 4 to 5 hours, those days we have to face some challenges. But still, we knew before and how long the power will cut, because of this, we used to do the necessary work for which electricity was required on priority basis so that we faced fewer problems. For the rest of the time when there was no electricity, we used to sit on the terrace and enjoy our studies. But if we talk about the present, there is no issue of a power cut.
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    We are fortunate that we hardly face power cuts in Delhi. Supply of electricity has drastically improved after the privitization of electricity board. I remember when I was child we used to have power cuts for 1-2 days and it was really tough in those days to live without electricity but now a days the situation has improved and inverter is sufficient to care of the short power cuts.

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    In cities there is no such problem of power cut but in small towns situation is not good. I reside in a town. Now a days, in winter season, 3-5 hours cut is normal but in summer when we need more electricity hardlyb 12 to 15 hours supply we get. However, on papers our town is provided 20 hours electric supply. We have power house but elctricity is gifted to neighbouring cities.

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    In our area in Bokaro Steel City, we are fortunate enough to have uninterrupted power due to twin factors - firstly we have a captive power plant to take care of production of steel and the surplus is to be diverted to township so that it reaches to their employees including the retired ones living in the different sectors of township. There is a backup system as well from the side of DVC to compensate the loss of power generation if any.
    Jharkhand Electricity Board is the ultimate beneficiary so as to get surplus powers of both generated from steel sector and Damodar Valley Corporation. The situation was different a decade back when the capacity of ours meagre around 32 Mw and DVC was deficient in meeting the required power generation.

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    I am in Bengaluru. Unlike in the previous years when we had very frequent power cuts for four to six times a day, this year I did not experience any power cut. Thanks to Bengaluru Electricity Board for maintaining an uninterrupted power supply in my area. Of course, there are power shutdowns for maintenance that can not be avoided.

    In this chilly weather, and in the absence of the sun to give its rays to solar heaters, the power supply is available to heat our geysers and immersion rods to provide hot water for the bath.

    Also, In this pandemic, uninterrupted power supply helps people working from home using their desktop/laptop without any disruption to their work.

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    In Telangana, there are no power cuts these days. Even though the power generation is less than the required the government is managing by purchasing the same from other states. So we are not experiencing any power cut. Many solar power generation units are coming and many industries in this State are having their own power generation plants for captive consumption. Because of these developments power position improved and in cities there are no power cuts. I heard that same is the situation even villages and small towns also.
    In Andhra Pradesh, the power generation is more than required. So there is no power problem in that State. My native place is a village in this State and my parents stay there. There is no power cut to them almost from the last 6 to 7 years. An uninterrupted power supply is there in this state.
    In many states in our country, the power position improved much power cuts are not there in majority of places in the country.

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    Umar, you said Jammu and Kashmir generate a huge volume of electricity. Can you please share the details. How much electricity the Union Territory (erstwhile State) produces and what is your consumption?

    Coming to powercuts, let me tell you that we, in Kerala, had declared powercuts almost every year during peak summers. We do still face power cuts when the supply from other grids decreases. I do agree that it should be avoided and even we have been vociferous against governments for not taking corrective measures. But now, though we have intermittent power failures, we do not have power cuts as such.

    Umar, to take a neutral and balanced stand as a person who was there pre-abrogation, I am sure the power cuts has got nothing to do with the scrapping of Art 370.

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    Though we do not face any scheduled power cuts, we suffer from many power interruptions. That is causing much inconvenience.

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    Saji sir,

    J&K has a capacity of generating 20000 MW electricity. Only 1200 MW is supplied out of what JK produces.

    I couldn't understand your point about article 370 when I haven't mentioned anything about it and how I'm not neutral on my stand.

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    Generally, if there is a power cut for a long duration there is prior announcement but at times, especially during the summer, there are unannounced power cuts for long duration in our area. The power cuts are mostly related to maintenance or major faults in a sub-station but not because of less-generation of power. Though the situation in some villages is different where people face frequent power cuts, in cities or suburban areas the power supply is quite stable. From my personal experience, I would say areas having overhead power transmission lines are prone to power failures because whenever there is any thunderstorm or natural calamities those lines and the associated electric poles become affected. Another thing is the maintenance of the whole system. Wherever there is poor maintenance the power supply is not good and the frequency of fault is more.

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    In Navi Mumbai area, power cut is rare. But earlier when I was in Gujarat we had many times experienced it there. I do not know what is the present situation there. I think the main reason of power cut is due to lack of maintenance and using the old equipments for a longer time than their workable lives. Then, there are governance issues differing from state to state and that also plays a part.
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