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    There should be discipline and some rules in life.

    Self-discipline is necessary for life. If you are leading an irregular life, then everything will be scattered and irregular. There is no rule to get up in the morning, no rule to sleep at night, no rule to eat food nor any other rule. Also, when you drive a vehicle on the road and do not follow the traffic rules or throw trash on the road and walk. Neither do you have any responsibility towards family, nor towards society and country. Many small things are not followed by you, a feeling of dissatisfaction arises in the family, society, and even in your mind.

    Well, whether you don't follow a lot of rules, but you can stay self-discipline. You can only discipline your own life. Getting up on time, arriving at the office on time, having home meals, and sleeping on time - these are also part of the discipline. If you have discipline, you will be away from many crises.
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    Those who are having disciplined life are more happy and contend in living and they do not disturb others for any thing or any matter. The way they conduct themselves so coolly would baffle everyone as they inculcated the good habit of learning things on their own and that discipline character has paved way for a good thought about others also. Those who are disciplined does not waste their own time nor the time of others. They keep every information on the finger tips and they address the problems within seconds and that makes them one step ahead of others. Most of the professionals falls into this category and they mind their own business and does not have time for gossip or chats with others. We have to learn such great quality from others who live for themselves and even help others for sure and that is the take of their life.
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    There is an need of discipline in everyone's life and every profession . People are actually becoming careless and want to live a life with no rules or discipline. This all social media culture has make people so undisciplined and an no-rule life lives but people has to understand that actually there should be discipline and some rule in life. Most people think having discipline and rules would make life hard but actually that would make life competent and full of achievement. So, let's just try for once to have discipline and ofcourse some rules in life and watch what difference it makes to life's.

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    Those who always stay disciplined can work more than those who don't spend a disciplined life. I am not a very disciplined person. However, I have set few guidelines which I follow, rest in all matters I take them casually.

    I see some people who are really disciplined from all angles. They can't go against their rules and regulations. Sometimes, it may look awkward. However, it doesnot look awkward for them.

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    Life is there to live it fully. Too many rules and restrictions take the charm out of life. Within permissible limits, we have to lead our life. Yes, one has to take care of his family and provide what the family needs. One has to follow certain obligations that come with marriage or a job. and follow society's norms. For small pleasures, all these need not be sacrificed. One should have time for small pleasures in life.
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    Discipline is very important in our lives. No one needs to tell us how we have to live. We should understand and get disciplines ourselves so that we will be the cause of problems to somebody else. We should live happily. But our happiness should not be cause for the sorrow of somebody else. If we understand this and live accordingly we can say we are having self-discipline. There should be some rules and we should follow them. We should never take as checkpoints.
    A human being is a social animal. Here you should live and you should allow others to live in. For this, only the administration is making some rules and regulations. By following them you are safe and you are allowing others also to stay safe here. A person who disciplines himself and follows all the rules of the land will flourish better than the people who never care for such issues.

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    Discipline must be part of our lives. It at least gives inner satisfaction though you may not be praised always for it. Initially, it may be difficult to practice the same but later it becomes our habits. While working in steel plant, I have seen some of the topmost executives following this rigidly. They were at least fifteen minutes prior to their schedule timing in almost all meetings. Sometimes they had to rush to plant in case of emergency at odd hours in night and stayed there till the situation normalised, but such an indulgence did not affect their normal timing for reporting in the next morning.
    Discipline starts only when we are serious in this regard and once implemented in our lives, we could eliminate the crisis of the situation.

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    Before I respond to this post let me welcome the new member Divya bajaj to this portal ISC. The first contribution in form of the response to this thread shows the interest of new member in writing and I wish the new incumbent good time in this portal and if there is any information required from the editors or members then I advise the new member to please raise a separate post for that.
    Now coming to the topic of this post, there is no denying that discipline is the basic ingredient for a meaningful life. This is, I would say, is the divine nectar of human life and makes the flow of the whole life in an orderly way. Without it our consciousness has no worth and we would be behaving like a directionless person. Adhering to discipline brings many other virtues in our lives and it should be always our endeavour to adopt discipline as much as possible.

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    Discipline is necessary for being a good man. Without it, we can't imagine a healthy and happy life. Indiscipline people having less chance of getting success in life. Discipline is required in every walks of life. Discipline makes our life healthy and strong. Many people prefer to use this word in case of the army only. But, it should be used in every walks of life. Only then we would prove better citizen.

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