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    It is necessary to take a stand for yourself.

    We all make many decisions in our daily lives. Some decisions are such that in which we are happy, some we have to obey. Especially in the case of women, this other thing is more. Time has been changed now in many families but still, there are many families, where, for a daughter, her father decides which college to go to; neighborhood aunt tells-how to dress, and husband will decide whether or not she will do a job after marriage.

    In such a situation, speaking for ourselves, taking a stand for ourselves becomes even more important for us women. Otherwise who likes to spend their lives pressing their desires. We can understand that many girls, women are dependent on their families in one way or the other. That is why they have to accept the wishes of everyone somewhere.

    Whether at home or office, we often hesitate to speak in front of our seniors and do not take a stand for ourselves. Many times we increase difficulties in our life but are unable to keep our point. Therefore, the advice is not only to women but also to other people that they should openly say their things, ideas, desires, and likes, and dislikes.
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    Nice post from the author. We must escalate our knowledge and know how to such extent that for any small problems or challenges faced. we should try to sort out ourselves and that rigid stand would pave way for the learning and not being struck up again. In our office the senior manager used to tell us that tackle the problem on own and come to him if was not possible. That was the good advise and I agreed to it. Because the office system and the following of rules are amicable to settle on our own stand and understanding and thus paving way for good learning and damage control exercise. By the way we should not be depended on others even for small help as we have the trait to understand and take decision on our own no matter some decisions may go wrong for which we might have learned the bitter lesson.
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    Taking a stand is good to keep your endeavours rolling and earn success but if anyone is providing suggestion to improve things that is fine and should be accepted.

    But forcing opinions and thrusting decision on people is unfair as it is that person who has to carry that decision throughout his life. If the decision was burdensome then it will negatively affect the person.

    We should encourage family members to make their own decisions to make them good decision-makers instead of thrusting decisions upon them.

    It is good people should take their own decision and take a stand which a person feels enlightened.

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    Taking stand is sometimes required so that the other person does not take us for granted. At the same time it is also necessary to take that stand based on firm principles and logics. Just taking a stand like that without any solid ground will not be useful in our lives. Much earlier, as we all know, the society was male dominant and women did not like to take a stand because of obvious reasons. But now things have changed as women have become independent and are getting liberated from household bonds and slowly are going to attain the equal status as that of men. This is a good development and now women are also taking stand against the illogical and wrong aggressions or offences on them.
    So, in general, without talking of a particular gender, we can say that taking stand is a good thing but it should be backed up by proper reasoning and solid base of arguments.

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    The title of the thread is in general terms and the content to some extent dealt with how women are made to obey the decisions thrust on them. We have to take decisions all the time. Some are of our own accord. At times, we have to take decisions keeping in view the opinion of people who matter. At any time when the husband or wife has to take a decision on their own, they will definitely consider how the other will respond to it. In general, a decision acceptable to both will be taken.
    These days women are not that much forced to accept the decisions made for them unlike in the olden days. Changes are taking place and they will be gradual but not sudden. Girls are having the freedom to study the course which they want to study. Most of the families are giving such freedom as far as possible. The girls are wearing so many styles of dresses which were unimaginable not so long ago. Doing a job is to be decided between the wife and husband depending on their family position. The number of married women doing jobs is increasing day by day. The men are also not in a position to prevent their wives from doing a job considering the spiraling cost of living and the necessity of more funds onhand. Certain problems need to be sorted out with discussions. The stand that is the best in the circumstances need to be taken but not on any other consideration.

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    Partialy, I agree with the author. In a family generally parents take decisions about their children whether it's boy or girl. As the author has confined it to girls only. Parents are well wishers what they decide for us is always good.

    She has also pointed out that decision about job for a married woman depends on the volition of her husband. I ask a question to the author - Is it necessary for a married woman to do a job? If, yes, then -Who will look after home and children?
    I dont think that woman should go out to do any job for some money. What does her husband do? Will he stay at home, instead of going to job?
    I dont think that getting education by women mean they should do some menial job for a few thousands rupees. However, if any woman gets an opportunity to do a government job, she should do it but in private sector I dont think women should work.

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    In our personal and domestic lives, we can make our decisions based on our opinions and necessities. We can consider our points and accordingly we can make our own decisions. But when it comes to professional life, we have to obey the decisions taken by somebody else who will have the authority to make the decision. In an office, we can't make our own decisions at all levels and we have to work within the framework of the rules and regulations of the organisation.
    Some times we may be allowed to give our opinion and ideas about the issues. But that may be approved or may not. Finally whatever the decision is taken is to be adopted by all the employees of the organisation. Any deviation can be viewed as a violation.

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    #718411 -

    I agree that parents think about the good future of their children, but I have talked about some families who do not allow children to take any kind of decision.

    I have not agreed at all with what you have said about women's jobs. I believe that a woman has more responsibility towards the family, after marriage, but this does not mean that the woman forgets her life goals. Every woman has her own choice, depending on the will of the woman, if she wants, she can work outside, otherwise, no pressure can stop her from doing any more work. As far as women's jobs are concerned, they can work till the age they want. If the woman is working outside, then her husband should also help a little in the daily work of the house, this will also keep the mutual relationship between the two. It also depends on the choice if someone wants to do a government job or a private job or do any other business.

    Now I have the same question with you that as you have said if the woman is in a government job then she should do the job, so now you tell, who will take care of the house in case the when woman will go for a government job?

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