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    How come some people never been sad and always lead good life ?

    I came across some people who are well contended in their lives , never felt the challenges and sadness as we used to come across, they always looked happy and leading a good life. This raises two questions in my mind. Or they pretending to be happy in the eyes of others, Or they are really happy as they planned their life like that ? They are healthily good and fit, they are financially very sound, they get the things they want, they get huge respect in the relations and the society and I get baffled over this living style of them?
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    Some people know to be happy in every situation, perhaps they know the importance of life better. It is difficult to be possible that there is no grief in the life of a person, but a person may cover that grief by his good deeds. Such people make their aim to share happiness in the world. You must also have heard that happiness grows through sharing. So if you too want to be happy always, start sharing happiness from today. Help people fill the colors of happiness in their lives. With this you will not only get happiness from inside, with that you will also get blessings of people and blessings of God. Remember, what you give to the world is doubled and you get returns. Often these people are calmer than others, at the same time they spread an environment of happiness and positivity around. us.
    Swati Sharma

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    Happy people have different concepts and it is their way of thinking that rescue them from the worries. Every point has two aspects positive one and the negative one. These people know the options that in the event of failure of attempting a task in a way not producing results, they have the alternatives. So why to have the stress for that? I don't mean they are immune to stress, they do have but their way of thinking in positive way lessens their worries. Like any ordinary people they are sometimes worried but they overcome such a tension instantaneously. These people have one positive attribute sharing a part of income for them. They even listen to their maids and servants and if needed, they offer them some amount to make them happy. Hence these people often enjoy the blessing of others especially the helpless ones. That is their secret of their happiness.

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    The author has put up a very interesting and amusing observation because if he has seen someone like that then I feel that it is definitely a rarity. From this aspect the life is a long journey and at some time or other adversaries will be there in ones life and he or she cannot escape the pangs of melancholy. And naturally such things will bring sadness and misery also. It is not about the financial discomforts or materialistic losses in ones life and what I am pointing towards is that sometimes some sentimental and psychological things also take place in ones life in bizarre ways creating turmoil, setback, and disturbance. Now it is also possible that there are a few highly prudent people who can cope up even with such situations and remain apparently happy and if it so then I salute to such people who have so much control on their emotions and feelings. They are really the greatest humans on the planet Earth.
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    This is quite contrary to another thread by the author where he was wondering whether we are bothering more about others than ourselves. Human nature being what it is, it is our tendency to get interested in others. to put it simply, some people live their life. They too may be having problems but do not worry much as they believe for every problem there will be a solution. Some people worry too much even about little problems. The term"contended" used by the author explains everything. They are content and are happy. There is no need to pretend.
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    Some people are really happy in all situations but such people rare creatures, however, most od us can't hide our reality. If we are happy other people will notice our happiness and when we we are not happy others will see it because we are not good actors. Most of us show what we really are. But almost all of us are great actors in the matter of goodness, we successfylly show that "I am a good person" regardless of what reality is.

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    If a person is really happy always means the person is not having very high ambition and desires in life. He /She is happy with whatever he. she had. He/She is thankful to God for whatever He has given to him.
    My mother's father was an example. He lived for 81 years and he was never unhappy in his life. He used to feel happy for even small thn=ings also. He was a rich man. But he spent all the money on bringing up his relations and giving free medicines to the poor. In his old age he managed his life on the pension he was receiving after retiring as a school teacher. He never bothered about any issue. I purchased a colour TV for my use and the portable TV I was using before has been given to him. By seeing that he was so happy and used to tell all that I gave that TV to him. He never has any complaints about any issue in his life. He used to say that he is very satisfied with whatever God has given to him and he lived a very happy. He died also very easily without any serious ailment. He had a fever and was in the hospital and the third day morning he passed away. Contentment is the key to his happiness in his life

    always confident

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    How they could be happy or they pretending to be happy?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author seems to have an experience that people, generally, pretend to be happy. I think the author is correct. Most of us see this habit of people that they hide their unhappiness from us and they show that they are happy. Perhaps they hide their unhappiness because nobody will change their unhappiness into happiness and also there is no benefit in showing themselves as unhappy before other people as some people may mock at their miseries or problems they are facing instead of solving their problems.

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    I have not seen so far any person like that as most of the persons will be complaining about the problems in their lives and telling different types of stories about their lives. If someone can be happy in life in spite of so many problems and struggles then it is a matter of great pride. We must inculcate the same traits and get inspired by such people. Leading a happy life is not so easy. It requires a calm and peaceful mind which unfortunately very few people possess. Another thing is that we may keep ourselves happy but sometimes some external factors on which we do not have control will disturb us.
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