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    Highly professional parents and their kids

    All parents always want their children to be good human beings and that their children should live in a good environment. This is possible only when a parent plays an active and positive role in life for the children. All parents share their positive opinion with children that help children to become responsible citizens. This attribute of parents on children is found in all classes.

    But we always show that highly professional parents and their kids have different types of living standard due to their profession. Today, kids are more interested in technology and freedom. The highly professional parents understand their needs and focus on the mental and physical developments of kids. But it is also seen that due to the professional engagements of such parents, they do not have time for children and they turn away from their responsibility for kids. Such children never achieve the purpose of life.

    If highly professional parents focus on their children, then their children will achieve more success in life than a normal family because the highly professional parents have knowledge of what is the basis of development in the children.

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    A good write up from the author. There is a saying in Telugu. It means that the son of a Pandit will be useless. Why this saying has come into existence I don't know. But I understood from the lifestyle of Pandits that they will be always in his own work and never have time to take care of his children. The children will live as they like.
    Same is the case with the professionals of these days. If both the parents are professionals, they will be very busy in their professional works and they never have time to spend and educate their children. In such a case, their children may not do well in their studies and they may not come up in their lives. Some parents spend some of their time with their children and see how they are faring in their education. They will guide them and see that they will flourish in their education and such children will come up very well in their lives.
    The knowledge parents have should be passed on to their children so that the children will also become powerful like the knowledgable parents.

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    If the parents are professionals and are well established, their children may have a bright career but if parents have no time to look after their children and don't fulfil their respibsibilities as parents their children may destroy their career in the long run.
    All parents whether or not they are professionals, first of all, they are parents and they have big responsibilities for their children. They have to focus on raising their children and providing them the best environment for them. Professional life is a secondary issue and priority should be given to children.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to one of my close relatives who has all professionals in their family and that made them to remain aloof and would not join with other relations because they felt others are waste and they are the best. True because the father was the Southern Railway controller. Mother hails from richest family of those days and she used to make style statement in those days of 1970's. Elder son a Bank Manager, the second son being a famed cardiologist, the last son a business magnet, and the only daughter a lecturer par excellence. They behave very decently in their home as they would not converse or contact others in between and they would not visit others, not mingle with others, nor participate in functions and ceremonies. Thus their life has gone separable and we also forgotten them.
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    If parents are qualified and professional and interested sincerely to inculcate success mantra in their children then it is possible to do so and we are seeing that these things are happening in the real life around us. Many parents have in a precise manner directed their children in a path where they were automatically inspired and motivated to progress and make an excellent career. There are, on the other hand, as an exception, some professional could not achieve it as they remained busy in materialistic pleasures and entertainment instead of giving time to their children.
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    It happens in the case if both the parents are working. My brother and his wife were both kids and their son used to live alone at home and as per my observation he was too sensitive and mature at his age. He was very studious and never used to go out of his home till his parents return from their office . He was reserved and now too when he is in Btech 2nd year he is different from others as he doesn't speak much and doesn't mix with others easily. His parents try to change him but I don't think at this age he would be able to change his nature. It's essential while doing our job we should not forget our kids and should teach them the basic ettiquate and things which are essential to survive in the society.

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    Highly professional parents and their kids
    The terms "Highly professional " has been used here means extremes corner of any professionalism .hence they must be in that path to maintaining their children and their children will suppose to become highly obedient in their way in all respect. Accordingly they should be in highly profession in future in the society , may be in the field of Antisocial, Unsocial or Social.
    It's depends upon their ancestors. Extreme should not be desirable in all case. It happens in exceptional cases. Hence we all should try to be at a desirable stage to maintained the balance of the society. Any things beyond this is accepted with extreme sorrow or extreme happiness. This is the real picture of the society and nobody can assured that a son of a Doctor will be a Doctor.

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