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    What is the result of unprincipled politics?

    Mr.Rajnikant has not been with the people of Tamil Nadu on any single issue. For example, he has not given his stand on the present farmer's issue. Instead, he has gone to act in his forthcoming movie. Similarly, he has not even made his stand clear on the issue of blatant Hindi imposition, followed by the BJP. When some party seniors of a particular communal party talked nonsense against the most important minority in India, he did not utter a single word.

    He is welcome to support anyone. But it should be on principles and also explain why is behind any stand. The DMK, for example, has always made its stand very clear and is absolutely clear on why it takes a stand on any issue. Even the AIADMK has failed to do this.

    About the BJP in Tamil Nadu, the less said the better. What will happen to such unprincipled politics in the years ahead? What will be the result of unprincipled policies? People should be more careful about such dangerous parties and actors who have done nothing for the state of Tamil Nadu.
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    This is an interesting thread that some leaders are not making their stand clear in some important issues. It is not only happening at the state level but also happening at the national level. There are many people who keep quite and remain away from controversies. But at the same time it does not mean that they will not perform. Ones performance is not related to ones comment on various day to day routine issues which are always coming up one by one and generate sometimes some controversies also. We cannot generalise this thing just by the behaviour of a particular person and dismiss a national party outrightly.
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    I have also heard about Rajnikant that he is going to be active in politics . The author has put some questions on his politics. I dont know very much about this topic but I agree with the author what are his principles should be known to people so that they can decide to support him as a leader.
    I have heard that he has good relations eith BJP.

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    Rajanikant never identified with the public cause. He always maintained a neutral stand on many issues. He even postponed his entry into politics for a long time. I feel he is not the type of person who takes a stand on main issues and likes to keep a safe distance. He may get some support as a popular actor in Tamil cinema but not as a popular human being among the masses.
    Regarding BJP, it is not only in Tamilnadu but everywhere it is an opportunistic political party for power. It may be winning elections but not a popular party with the public. Its governance needs a lot of improvement.

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    I don't know how serious is Rajanikant about his political career. He never made any clear cut announcement about his party and the plans the party is having. These days are not the days like MGR or NTR days. These days people used to vote MGR or NTR by seeing their action in movies and their talent. But these days people are not like that. They know the difference between real life and reel life. So I don't think this man is going to create any history in politics. He may support BJP. But nobody is going to vote BJP because of Rajanikanth.
    As mentioned by the author, all the parties should take stand on all the issues that are very important for the people. But I have seen many politicians these days will not speak their thoughts on various issues that are present in the nation. Their only objective is to say no to whatever the ruling party proposes. They never go by merits and demerits of the issues. The ruling party proposed the opposition party should oppose it. That's all.

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    Exactly. BJP is the worst opportunistic party that should be defeated everywhere in India. It is a communal party that will divide India. It is impossible to imagine what will happen if the BJP rules Tamil Nadu. That the people of Tamil Nadu cannot be fooled is a good thing.

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    If the author does not like BJP and brand it as communal party then Congress should also be termed as communal as they are siding with the Muslims. If the appease a particular community and degrade the Hindus right, they are called the secular, and if BJP talks in favor of Hindus and upholding the cult, they are branded as communal. Never mind. The more the party is abused, the more it is becoming strong much to the annoy of every person against that party. And regarding the author observation that Rajni is siding with BJP, how can we stop the actors who has the wisdom and thought process to support the right party which has become more famous and there is no alternative to it. Moreover for his right observation on BJP he is going to become more famous once the election process gets going in TN and the author would be surprised.
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