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    How many of you bother to check the monthly schedule of reward programs?

    Once the winners of a contest are announced, in some of these announcement threads we will see one response where the member states that he/she missed out on it for not having seen the contest announcement.

    By now you all are aware that either LE Saji Ganesh or I put up a schedule on the first few days of each month to make you aware of upcoming reward programs. These may be contests or general interesting forum activities organized by the admin. or one of the editors. We had started this schedule at the request of members themselves so that they are alert and prepared to participate once the contest is announced. This is especially helpful if there is a time-bound contest wherein you have to register quickly or submit answers to a quiz asap.

    So why aren't members checking out the schedule regularly? Is it that you will only check it when the thread is raised, but not bother to check it later to know the announced reward programs?

    Or are you one of those who will diligently check it out, if not every day, at least 2-3 times each week?
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    Frankly speaking, I see it or go through it 1 or 2 times only in a month and just get a feel of coming contests. Then, only when I get some doubt then I again check the revised schedule there and sometimes I see it updated. I think we have to increase the frequency of going through the contest declaration thread often in order not to miss the contest as sometimes due to lack of time, if prior knowledge is not there, we tend to ignore the current contest.
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    I generally check this monthly schedule of reward programs. The thread raised by one of the editors every month at the beginning in which the proposed reward programmes. I may be seeing it once in a while but there is no regular pattern. Generally, my observation is that if there is any new posting the thread will come on to the top of the index page and it will be in one of the first three places. If there is no posting in will be down below. That itself is an indication regarding any new announcement. I feel many members do that.
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    I do not keep any definite schedule. It is at random and will. When I login and get to see it, I read the thread. However it may happen that due to other preoccupations or some other unexpected interventions, I miss to visit the site or see the announcements on time. Hence it is only depending on the ese and my own aptitude and talent or ability that I participate in such contests.

    I am sure many members would be eagerly visiting such announcements eagerly and read them when announced.

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    Frankly speaking the monthly contests schedules are not read nor followed by me as I feel I am not fit to such contests against the back drop of super performers and contributors and that felt waste and not working for me. However I always make it a point to congratulate those who win the monthly contests being lined up and that makes me also one of the supporter of the contests. Contests should enthuse instantly and the members should be come calling to each contest but we find very few takers and those are habitual participants do win and others are not even applauded for their contents.
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    I do check that particular thread mentioning the list of contests in advance, although not daily, I check it once in a week for sure. I guess it is good to check this thread, especially for those who are willing to participate in such contests, so that they will not miss the formal announcement of the thread in the forum. It is just like an 'Alert ' option in your dropdown menu that gives alerts about your posts, this thread gives alerts about the ongoing and forthcoming contests.

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    I also check it on a regular basis but not daily. I usually check this thread around at least twice a week. I think it must be checked by everyone who is curious to participate in the upcoming contests. Because it gives a gist of all the upcoming contests on ISC. And thanks to Vandana Ma'am / Saji Sir who always update this thread. I try to never miss any contest. I am active on this platform from last year and since than I have not missed even a single contest except one . So it is good to check this thread if you really want to participate in the contests.

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    From the responses so far, very few seem to bother to check the schedule.

    Dr Rao - you stated "Generally, my observation is that if there is any new posting the thread will come on to the top of the index page and it will be in one of the first three places. If there is no posting in will be down below. That itself is an indication regarding any new announcement. "
    - It is incorrect to assume that because it is lower down, there is nothing new. The schedule is a locked thread since it requires no responses, and because of that, the thread will move lower down once new announcements are posted. This does not mean that within the schedule there won't be updates. That is the whole point of the schedule, namely, that members do check it regularly for updates!

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