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    Online shopping increases our expenditures

    Due to technological advancement and promotions, online shopping started budding into our lives. Now due to lock down, these online shopping are forced into our lives. Of course it gives so much safety and comfort in the present situation. But is it going out of control?

    Online shopping evades the travel time and waiting time. Instead it gives copious choices, detailed descriptions, reviews to the product and home delivery. People enjoy these advantages, but now I think we go overboard. We search for essentials and end up buying many other miscellaneous items. I see few of my friends buying items online with an intention test it and to return within the time period mentioned in the return policy. But not returning it after their purchase. Honestly, they would have not purchased or even searched for it, if they need to buy it from a shop.

    So, do you think, the same happening with your life or in the life of some one you know?
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    True. Online shopping increases our expenditure. But we can save the expenditure too. Online suppliers attract the customers by offering discounts. And they keep a minimum purchase of Rs. 600/- keeping certain commodities price at Rs. 1/- . They keep about 5 or six items as Offer for the day that would actually cost Rs. 250/- but offer them at Rs. 5/-. Then we have to buy item worth Rs. 595/- . They add delivery charges Rs. 50/-. Again, for free delivery, they would insist buying items worth another 600/-. Thus, their sale improves, and our purchase increases. To save money, we should go for one or two time bulk purchase in a month.
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    When you do shopping online for necessary items, definitely it will save time and energy. At the same time, if you search for the items on various online platforms and use the platform in which the product is cheap, you can save money also. So online marketing may become costly not because of the cost of the material but because of the attitude of the buyer. If I go on purchasing many items which are not necessary also, I may be ending my spending more money than required. In fact, there is no expenditure on committing and there is no time loss for travelling. If you add the value of these two things when we go for real market the cost of the product will be more than what we are paying for the item. Then compare the money you are spending for the product online. You will find a lot of difference. Yesterday we went to Secunderabad for purchasing an item. The cost of the item is Rs.1200/-. But the cost of fuel we spent on commuting is around Rs.300/-. The cost of the item for me is Rs.1500/-. But the cost of the product online is showing RS.1200/-. So which is better for me?
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    I shop only when a need arises.
    I do online shopping only for individual items. That is mostly done after some homework. I compare prices, read reviews and considering many parameters only I settle for online purchase. So I do not fall victim to unnecessary purchase online.

    However the opposite happens many times. I end up buying not so essential items when shopping at Malls and departmental stores. There we see man new or different items displayed in our front. We get an urge to buy them. So it happens that we end up buying more than what was decided before reaching the shop or mall. As the payment is made by credit also, there is more chance of such extra purchase.

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    If one has control on impulsive shopping then one can go for online shopping otherwise the traditional corner provision shop and novelty store will do the work for us. Online shopping is very interesting and they will show you hundred things when you search a particular item. You will be distracted by beautiful colours and packets and in between something about them in their praises of course and you would be tempted to see the rates and other details. That is a visual advertising trap and people flush with money with them easily fall prey to this technique utilised by the big online stores. But all that glitters is not gold and many times what we get at the time of delivery is not what we see on the screen of our laptop or mobile. I will like to add that some people are addicted to buy items online and in that pursuit land with more purchases than necessary.
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    I do not agree with the author that the online shopping has become expensive in all websites and transactions. I do agree that in flip cart if we want to book for groceries the minimum purchases of more than 1200 has to be done to avoid the shipping charges and for 600 rupees billing fifty rupees is charged. But we have booked regular and designer sarees with free shipment and no extra cost. In fact the ladies shopping of sarees has become more easy and affordable with return policy on damage items and thus nothing is lost and only gains. The shopping at the malls may be cheap but there cannot be return policy and the traveling expenses has to be borne.
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    I never trust online purchasing. I like to go to market. Due to lockdown some people preferred to buy required product online and as the author has indicated that they purchase other items as well when they are offered attractive offers. Now markets are opened, so there is no need to purchase online.

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    It depends upon the attitude of a person. If one has control on ones temptations for buying things then it does not matter which mode one is buying. It is only a problem in cases where people get attracted by the nice pictures of the gadgets and materials in online and place an order whimsically. I feel that we have to control our inherent desire of buying things recklessly.
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