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    We will soon pay Rs1000 for a single cooking gascylinder

    This is atrocious. The price of the cooking gas cylinder had been mercilessly increased by Rs100 within such a short time. The salaries have been frozen. No increments. No merit payments. Or, no salaries at all in the case of guys thrown out of the jobs. This is the problem.

    And the interest rates on savings as well fixed deposits have never increased at all. This is a dangerous thing. The Government of India should have the common-sense to give some relief to the common man and not give more and more trouble to the common man. The PM talks good but the real problems of the middle class are never ever addressed by him and his team of ministers.

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    Yes. The rates are increasing and people are suffering. So we should ask the government to control the prices and see that a common man will be more comfortable in his life. I don't understand the relation between this point and the beard of the Prime Minister.
    If a common man is suffering, definitely he will go against the ruling party and in the forthcoming elections definitely and the present party will be out of power. Till such time we have to suffer as we have voted for this party and we have no chance to recall them.


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    These steps are simply impose us as punishment for our earlier actions. We ignore coal made tooth powder, neem stick and shift to paste, now we got cheating by many paste makers.
    We set aside wood/coal oven by mocking and criticising users while shifting to cooking gas now we bound to pay more and more.
    We mock our old traditional methods now we are paying penalty in the name of corona.

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    There is no point in criticizing the Government. It is doing so from the beginning. The people are not rejecting this party either in Parliament or State Assembly elections. Do the people of India want to be taxed more and more? Certainly not. The rates of all commodities are on an upward trend. Not only cooking gas but the rates of petrol and diesel are going up. The benefits of lower crude oil prices in the international market are not passed on to the consumer. The Government is upsetting such benefits by increasing the excise duty. As mentioned in an earlier response, we have to wait for the next elections. Even then this party is likely to win. The farmers' agitation is another example. Mr. P. Sainath, a renowned journalist and Ramon Magsaysay award winner, whom the Supreme Court of India wants to be in the panel to be formed to solve the farmer's agitation, expressed his displeasure in the three laws while giving an interview to a Telugu News Paper. The Government is not responsive to other opinions. We are doomed to suffer like this. Probably we are all suffering due to our ignorance and overlooking our traditional methods of cooking on firewood. Better we use firewood instead of cooking gas to save ourselves from the increasing rates.
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    Rates of some commodities are increasing and earlier in such situation bank interest rates
    also used to go up. But today we are having a serious situation where inflation is not much controlled as against the expectations and the people who are in their retirement life are suffering on account of the reduced monthly interest on their hard earned money. Some of the reason for this turmoil can be attributed to the business downtrend due to corona pandemic but more is due to the mis management and corruption in Govt machinery. If the topmost person in the country is honest it does not help until all the employees below follow his ways. Cleaning the system and removing ambiguities is required to control the situation.

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    Sir, in hundreds of thousands of houses in the rural areas, wood that is available from the trees grown in their own farms is still used for cooking. This is a big practice in Tamil Nadu. Today, the educated sons and daughters want to switch over, at least partly, to the cooking gas. The taste is very good through the traditional method, though.


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    Pandemic is a convenient excuse to hide the failures. The same situation was there before the pandemic. Throwing blame on the Government machinery does not help. What the Government is doing? There is no connection between the price rise and corruption. Cooking gas price rise is a decision by the Government-owned oil companies. The Government could have interfered and stopped the hike in the interests of the public.
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    In Hyderabad the gas price is just 746 only and last month it was 720. The marginal increase of gas price may not pinch the customers as the gas rates are as per the International market behavior and we have to face the tune. But the author has over exaggerated and mentioned that the gas price would touch 1000 which is ridiculous. Moreover what ever be the rise, those who opted for the rebate every month are being credited with the money once the delivery is made and thus it may not pinch the customers at all. So the author has been blaming the govt for nothing and he is making false statement for no increase at all.
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    Price hike is a serious problem for common people. This price hike is not confined to gas cylinder only almost all commodities are becoming difficult to catch. Government should think about poor people how they will survive if price hike is continued with same pace.
    Those who government employees or pensioners or big businessmen prove price hike of commodities does not affect them. Tomorrow their DA will be adjusted but what about the common people especially lower section of Indian society who has limited source of income and a large part is Earning meagre amount how they face these challenges is a big issue for them.
    I think government will think about them too.

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    LPG cylinder prices have increased for the second time in December. In the same way, the general public is going through economic difficulties due to the Corona epidemic. So far people have not returned to normal life. In such a situation, increasing inflation is increasing their problems more and more. In the last few days, the price of LPG has been increased by 100 rupees. LPG is now a common necessity, without which the public cannot survive. Therefore, increasing its price on a coming day is like increasing troubles for the people. Right now people are struggling to fulfill basic needs, so such inflation is not appropriate. Anyway, when the government is not raising dearness allowance citing the corona epidemic, then why is it increasing inflation.
    Swati Sharma

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    @K Mohan: You should be thankful to your state government for not raising the price of gas cylinder in your state. Most Probably, increased amount state government is bearinlll instead of giving this burden on people.
    The author has intented to question central government. You are of opinion that this price hike is due to international price hike. Will you please write in detail about price of gas and crude oil in international market. What changes are coming up there.?

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    This is the time to think over seriously while revising the price of LPG cylinders and Petroleum Products since in most of organisations especially the Public Undertakings have frozen the DA linked with Basic. Even for the senior citizens there is not the good news either in the wake of reduced interest rate from their fixed deposits. While talking the other employees such as teachers of private schools or the construction workers, there has been massive pay cut of their salaries and some of the employees of other sectors have been shown doors from their employers. Hence any increase of LPG price would put them in the strenuous condition. Overall scenario of the working people at the present phase is not so bright and decision taken by the government should not tax the people unnecessarily. Prior to any revision of prices, the need to take overall review of the prevailing situation.

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    The author has exaggerated the price of gas. We all want an increment and increase in our pay, but want a reduction in all commodities we use. Petrol for vehicles and gas for cooking is preferred only by the people who can afford it. The business community never bothers about the increase and decrease in prices. It is only the salaried class who worry about the increase in gas prices. In this present world, I don't think a difference of Rs. 100/- is great enough to worry when people are drawing pay in 5 figures. While people can go to hotels and restaurants to eat and spend heavily without questioning the cost of the dish, the gas price should not matter a lot. Just imagine Chicken Biriyani costing Rs. 175/- with a single piece of chicken weighing 50 to 70grams costing less than Rs. 20/-(raw chicken). It would cost three times more in a five star hotel.

    Rs. 100/- is nothing but a peanut expenditure. Gas price fluctuates. Sometime increases, and sometime decreases. Not a very serious issue. Only politicians take it seriously to make noise.

    Reduce your hotel expenditure and prepare dishes at home to save money and pay for the gas.

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