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    What are the feel good factors of ISC according to you?

    Many of the members are most seniors are contributing here since many years and they have been awarded and rewarded too. But what makes one to feel better with this site is the question being asked now. For me the site has given me immense satisfaction and insight to develop my writing caliber and today I can write topic on any subject within seconds and that trait has been developed,. thanks to my association with this site for the past 11 years. And apart from learning my earnings are also precious as the money were used for specific purpose and that is really a feel good factor.
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    I have completed about 4 years here and my experiences and feel good factors are as follows -
    1. This is a site where there are a variety of activities and you do not feel a monotony as you can switch from one to another.
    2. It is a platform where your contributions and editors feedback compel you to improve your content in one way or other and that is definitely a learning path. So, you learn whether you like it or not!
    3. Contests are the great activities to compete as well as do the self assessment and the variety of contests is one of the factors that many members are attracted to this site.
    4. This is an ideal training ground for the novice writers as they get good guidance and atmosphere here for learning and once they learn the basics of content and creative writing they can very well start their own blog and take up work in other sites also.
    5. This is the only site in my knowledge in India which is sharing its revenue with the members and that is one important criterion as while learning one is earning some money also.
    6. I respect the strict policies of this site for moderation as that is very much required failing which members will simply distract here and there wasting their time in chatting and fighting. Very few sites have this level of discipline.

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    1. The polite Web Masters
    2. The able adminstration of Managing Editor
    3. The strictness of Editors and their control
    4. The freedom to post articles, ask questions, answer questions and discussion in the forum
    5. The Revenue share bonus
    6. Award of cash credits and points
    7. Contests with cash prizes.
    8. Timely monthly payment without fail
    9. Transparency
    10. Members discipline.

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    The feel good points which come to my mind immediately are as follows:
    In ISC members discuss anything in a decent, civil and proper manner.
    The sight is more or less self-moderated.
    Only if there is some unintended or unwanted deviation or aberration, the editors step in and moderate.
    The site though a virtual field, actually gives a feeling of a real-life forum and interface. It is this real-like feeling that keeps the members remain civil and polite, as they give others due respect and regard.
    Another feel good factor is we get to learn many new things from different fields, in easy and simple way without much complicated technical jargons.
    Members are broadminded and appreciate others on their achievements. This is because they are sure that they themselves may be receiving such accolades.
    There is fair chance for any member to get benefits from ISC based on the quality, quantity and consistency of their contributions.
    There is an inbuilt and indirect mentoring which helps every member improve consistently from day one.

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    A good platform for learners and provides an opportunity to earn also while learning.
    Good interaction with members from various backgrounds will benefit the learners.
    Payments will come on time and there is no question of delay.
    A very good administration and well-maintained discipline
    Good encouragement to the members will be provided by the site by announcing various contests and other related activities.
    Webmasters are very knowledgeable and polite.
    Encouragement to members in the form of badges.

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    From the members responses so far the feel good factors weigh more in favor of the site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I have been associated with this from around 2 years and my journey on this site has been of a mixed feeling. What I like most about this site are the rewards. Members are timely rewarded for their contribution. Also time to time contests are organised participating in which I feel fun.

    Apart from this I have always felt that by writing articles and responding on the forums my English language has improved . I have learned new things by reading other members writeups.


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    It is the fact that even my writing caliber has improved tremendously, thanks to ISC.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My experiences and observations are as follows -
    This is a site which encourages newcomers and takes a lot of pains for nurturing them. This is some sort of free training, I will say, that is being imparted to the new members through a network of editors who advise and moderate at each step until the content is approved for publishing. This is something unusual and I have not found so far in any other site. In many other sites they most of the times simply reject or accept the content blindly.
    There is so much opportunity here that a new member will definitely get something of his interest.
    For all our contributions we are awarded in one way or other which is itself an encouraging thing and I have not found it anywhere else in the net.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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