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    Corona threat is re-emerging with renewed force

    From the news coming from different parts of the world it appears that in some places the corona threat is re-emerging with renewed force and is a matter of great concern. Some countries are going to stop the air services to them and others have started lockdown to contain it. The vaccination program will take its own course and sometimes there is a need of changing or modifying the vaccine if the virus mutates with time. So there are many factors and unknowns hanging in the air and it is the duty of all the citizens to take preventive actions as far as possible by adhering to the basic safety procedures as has been directed by the authorities time to time. We should not take this threat in a casual manner and think about it seriously especially in view of the Christmas and New Year celebrations which are on the anvil. This information is being submitted in the larger interest of all of us.
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    It is said that the second wave of corona has started, and it would be 70 percent more effective than what we experienced during the last ten months. Britain is facing the second wave, and many countries have taken precaution against the second wave. India also should try its best to avoid the second wave by taking necessary precaution against this deadly disease.

    We cannot afford to have a complete lock down India, but we can have a lock down in areas where second wave is present.

    Be alert, wear mask, wash hands, walk with distance.

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    Yes, the threatening news that I am hearing from morning. I had planned for a vacation, now this news made me to worry. With so many difficulties, we started living this life with social distancing, sanitization etc, but this newer version of corono is bringing more complication. When it comes to medical research also, I feel sad for the team. They are putting so much effort in bringing the vaccination for the covid19, even before seeing the impact, the new version f this virus has arrived. Wish the situation gets better soon. People with prior knowledge on this virus, should be extra cautious.
    Sri Vetri
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    This is really bad news and challenging for the doctors and health workers as when the situations seems to be under control and the cases were on the decrease, new cases and deaths are being reported across the country and added to that the new strains reported from UK also alerted the govt to stop flights from that country and no one is allowed to visit UK. India has been fighting the covid with more dedication and strong will power and the country is about to achieve the nil presence. the new emerging cases cause the worries. India has been heavily depending on the new vaccines find which can also fight the new strains being reported. The researchers and scientists have given the ray of hope that India has been poised to win the covid war with good vaccines at the hands and ready to be given shots to the people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. The virus got mutated to another form and it is spreading very fast in many countries. This is found to be more active than the original virus. Spain declared an emergency and it may be there till March 2021. One month lockdown is announced in the UK. 2 weeks lockdown in France. 4 weeks lockdown in Germany. Italy is also going to declare lockdown. Like this in many countries already actions are initiated.
    India is not completely recovered from COVID19. I understand already flights from the above countries is stopped. India can't withstand another wave of COVID. The financial position of many people is in bad shape. If there is another lockdown many people suffer and the situation will become very bad.
    So all the people should follow all precautions. Social distance maintenance, masks and sanitizers etc should not be forgotten and should continue all other precautions so that we will be safe and India will not suffer because of this.

    always confident

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    Let us hope and sing the rhyme
    "We shall over come...., we shall over come....., we shall over come one day....,
    Oh! Deep in my heart..., I do believe...., we shall over come corona some day.....
    We shall drive away...., we shall drive away....., we shall drive away corona some day.....
    Oh! Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall drive away corona one day......
    Don't be afraid...., don't be afraid....., don't be afraid......Corona will go off one day.

    Let us continue with Mask wearing, Hand Sanitizing, Social distance keeping, sincerely and seriously.

    No life without Sun

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    I got shocked after hearing news of the emerging coronavirus. This time virus is found to be stronger than earlier. So, it is a matter of great concern for the human being. In such a situation, we should not forget to wear a mask and maintain social distance. Many countries have been poised to lockdown again. Maybe, our country also may go for it. India has already suffered a lot due to coronavirus. So, now its second wave may prove dangerous for our survival. I wish we should get rid of the virus very soon.

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    During the past 10 months people have learnt a lot about this deadly pandemic and how to take care to contain it. I hope that by observing the guidelines and adhering to precautions we can contain this new form also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    No need to panic. We need to take precautions as per the prescribed guidelines while interacting with other people. We have to live with coronavirus. It's in our destiny. If we think this virus will be eliminated soon, I don't think so. This is a worldwide pandemic our country is seriously affected by this virus and it's continuously spreading because of our carelessness.
    But it looks awkward when I see political parties conducting election rallies where large crowed is mobilized by workers of political parties and hardly anyone follows instructions of keeping physical distancing or wearing a mask and these political leaders also don't mind it. Who is responsible for spreading coronavirus in this crowd? Does it not prove we follow hollow slogans only. When our leaders will come out from greed of winning elections and this negligence of our political leaders disappoint me.

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    The virus has a tendency to mutate or mutation. Whenever the virus enters its host, it rapidly changes its form. If he is weak in changing the form, then his cells die. But sometimes when the host's cells are weak, the virus becomes strong and infectious. The arrival of a new type of Coronavirus in Britain has increased the difficulties for many countries. This new virus has caused a lot of increase in the rate of infection worldwide. Ever since this new coronavirus has been identified by scientists, there has been a panic in the whole world. It is being said that this new virus looks more dangerous than before, and it is completely different genetically. So far this virus has not been found in India, but with the way it is spreading rapidly, we need to be vigilant. In the same way, corona also spread to many countries all over the world.

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    Since we do not know the period of incubation of the new virus, we need to be alert. We do not know how many have landed from England during the past few days and brought the virus to India. And we don't know their contacts. If we detect some new cases, we may have to trace the contacts and impose lock down as required. There is no way to escape. We will come to know only in January to worry about.
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