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    Sonu Sood temple at Siddipet, Telangana

    We all know Hindi actor Sonu Sood who always played villain roles in many languages and even has the good fan following for his handsome looks and body physique. But the way he captivated the minds of the migrants for his reach out to them during the pandemic is probably the God sent help for them as was keeping on helping without expecting any donation or larges even from the govt. So the Banjara tribe of the Siddpet in Telangana has dedicated a temple in honor of him and that was the befitting respect from the migrants who received his favor.
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    A kind hearted person helping the humanity often gets such a respect in the eyes of the common public and they start considering him a God sent angel and with time he is thought to be a God like personality and then such erections and formations in form of temples or statues emerge in the society. This is the way that the common people pay their gratitude to such samaritans who are always helping the needy in the society. A few days back, in Mumbai, there was a news item in which it was mentioned that a rich person driving his costly car with high speed knocked down a morning milk supplier and the person died due to the impact of car and knowing about this incident, Sonu Sood immediately announced that he would fight and help for getting justice for the affected person.
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    Sonu Sood is the real hero in his life even though he is a villain in many movies. His service to the migrants during the pandemic this year is very appreciable. His services should be recognised and should be respected suitably. He helped many people in many ways during this pandemic. He did what maximum he can do and never expected any support from anybody. The people who got benefitted from his services will never forget him and definitely, they will treat him as God only. It is good that tribals from Siddipet of Telangana decided to construct a temple for him. That is good and we should appreciate them for their gesture.
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