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    Let the abusing be constructive and suggestive

    Without even ascertaining the pros and cons and also the ability, strength of a person we try to abuse and even degrade the character as if we have created that person and we alone has the right to defame. It is natural that we may not like everyone and but at the same time we have no right to abuse others just like that for the sake that he is in the list of bad people we presume to be. I have seen that a non liker gets to more fame because he gets the mention often and that makes him more popular from the back ground.
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    Why should we abuse somebody else ? It is this /her life and they behave the way they like it? What right we have to abuse the other person. Unnecessarily talking bad about somebody or abusing somebody is not appreciable. All will make the decisions based on their circumstances and the necessities. We will never understand the reasons for the behaviour of the other person. He only can understand the position well and accordingly behave. If we interfere and try to abuse him or we try to teach them lessons, they may not receive you normally and they may not be able to appreciate your suggestions. If they don't accept our suggestions we may get upset and start abusing them.
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    Using the abusing language for someone is not my habit. I never use this indecent gambit to oppugn even my opponent. I am surprised to see this thread why the author has attributed this wrong gambit to all of us. If he uses abusive language for others, it is his personal matter.

    As far as our youngsters are concerned we can rebuke them for their welfare because we are worried about them. If they are indulged in any wrong and harmful activity concerning their study or career, surely, it will squirm us to rectify them and we should expound them what wrong lines they are following. But abusing them is not advisable because how we treat them they learn from us, they foster etiquette for their youngsters when they are grown up. Good manners win the heart. We can conquer the people with a sword but can conquer with our sweet tongue.

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    Some people have a habit of condemning others and derive a sadistic pleasure in it. They also get a cheap popularity in the local society and the like minded friend circle. It is not only in bad taste but is an evil trait. They feel that they have done a great thing by defaming others but they might not be aware that by doing that type of activities they are getting their reputation going down day by day and one day will come where their friends and appreciators will start ignoring and neglecting them and they will be left lonely to reap the bad crop of their own deeds. Actually the science of psychoanalysis of humans suggest that this type of a behaviour is a mental illness and one should be very careful if one sees such symptoms in a person and one should try to avoid and ignore him in the first instance as encouraging him will only increase the intensity of that mental ailment. These people should be punished by isolating and dejecting them at each instance.
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    Sometimes I have seen my bosses to use abusive languages and for such a behaviour they did not have any regret and it was really a situation of extreme humiliation if such ugly comments are made in presence of number of executives. He was in power and hence there was no protest from the sides of the subordinates. He was sadistic in nature and was in the habit of closely watching the reaction of the employee being humiliated.
    Because of his power no one had the guts to resist him but we could witness a very unfortunate phase in his life. He had the lung cancer in the advanced stage and for us it was really a painful moment to meet our depressed boss. He was definitely regretful for his sadistic behaviour. However, it was too late and finally passed away with great sufferings. Even it was a great setback for his single child since he did not fare well in his academic career. Later he started a business of groceries but ultimately his business flopped due to stiff competition. We often forget that the bad days may be witnessed in the coming future and our dealings should be cordial and friendly.

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    People should not use abusive language in their talks with anyone. The personality of any person is revealed by his behavior. Behavior reveals all about the person. No matter how much a person tries to hide his shortcomings, he will not be able to hide as he will behave towards others. One should never try in vain, always try well. No person should be condemned. Condemnation never hurts that person, but only ours. One should always listen to knowledge from elders, which motivates a person to walk on the path of goodness. Some people in life deliberately condemn their partners to prove themselves in front of others and make public what they believe. Their purpose in doing this is to prove themselves right under any circumstances. If you want to hear good language yourself, do not use abusive language.
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    Abusing, backbiting, degrading etc all of these are in a bad taste and reflect on the person who is exercising them. No one has right to do so, strictly speaking. There are people who do such things and we should be alert from them.
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    Abusing and demeaning others is the bad trait but people do get personal pleasure.
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    There may be some people who abuse others without any reason except that they do not like hin. The problem lies with the person but not the person being abused. If abuser becomes personal, he must be a psycho. Without proper reason, generally people do not try to abuse others. A psycho can only do that. How a person being abused gets fame? I do not know this.
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