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    Never allow emotions to take over career decisions

    Given the realities of present times, it is but essential that one goes abroad, acquires a string of good qualifications, and also updates himself or herself to be totally prepared for the new ways of life in the corporate business organizations. There are increased opportunities for professionals like the cost accountants, the chartered accountants, and the MBAs for example, to take up very senior positions in the dozens of investment management divisions of MNC companies that will be set up in the metro cities, for sure.

    And when such professionals happen to be posted abroad, they should not waste the opportunity. The virus scare is expected to die down after September 2021, and international postings will also resume. There are many Indian professionals who have already been told of such postings. It is these professionals who should not allow their emotions to take over. Parents can also accompany them to foreign countries. In fact, many wise parents shift to good and well equipped old age homes in the fairly big tier 2 or even tier 3 cities, with all amenities. There are daycare facilities now available as well. The parents know very well that the careers of young professionals is as important as their being close to them. Australis is one country that seems to be really game to the professionals keeping their parents with them. Every problem has a solution. For the professionals, there is no alternative now, as the global business enivironment will face the toughest of challenges very soon.
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    Any decisions taken emotionally may go wrong. When we are emotional we should keep cool and we should not take any decision. Once we are normal if necessary we can think back and take apt decisions. The same is the case even with decisions related to career. In a career, if you take any decision emotionally it may affect your career very drastically and making correction after getting affected is very difficult. So we should not go for a decision regarding a career when we are not stable and calm. We should try to come out of the emotions and let the dust to settle and then only
    But at the same time, we should not surrender ourselves to others for no fault of us. We should maintain our self-respect.

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    I think those who are well qualified should be given suitable placements so that these great minds may use their talent and give their services in India instead of going abroad. Brain drain is a serious threat for our country and every year thousands of well qualified young people migrate to any country for their bright future.

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    Sir, we already live in a global village. We must forget this crap about AtmaNirbar and all that stuff. To give you a simple example, the IIMs and the IITs and the prestigious Indian School of Business have all collaborations with the best of US Universities.

    And we still have the best of research facilities abroad. Okay. We have our own TCS and Infosys. But do they have capabilities to produce products like Apple Computers and Google? Only because of Sundar Pichchai and others like him, we have world-class products. Now, even you and me earn some money from ISC and directly and indirectly from Google.

    We are so good at serving others. We still do not have IT products that we can proudly call our own. When someone says Siddha medicine has some possible cure for Covid, we pounce on that poor fellow, without even giving him a chance to explain. Later, when thousands were actually cured through Siddha and allied medicines, the allopathy doctors went silent. We never ever encourage talent.

    Let the smartest guys go abroad. We do not have the technologies. Another example. Why is that we still do not have a very good cell phone? We still buy Samsung that comes from Korea or the many brands that come from China. Our great PM will always talk. But the net results on the ground is a big zero.

    It is in this context that we need our professionals to go abroad. And the money comes back. At least forty percent of the GDP of Kerala would have come from and through Gulf money.

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    India being a developing country having a big population is definitely having less job opportunities for the qualified people and it makes a bigger sense to go abroad and make a decent living and send money back to the parents also here which is useful for Indian economy as a continuous inward remittance of foreign currency is the result of that flow of money from there. At the same time the present Govt is trying hard to promote the indigenous things also and some progress has been there in that matter and there is a good export of the Ayurvedic formulations to other countries. We are expecting too much from the present Govt but comparatively if we see with the earlier regimes, they are doing a good job. It is also true as the author has rightly hammered that emotions and sentiments have a retarding role in career making and we must choose a career where overall prosperity is waiting for us rather then wasting our talent in mediocre jobs just because we are sensitive to certain changes in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Career making is a tough project and one has to take some bold decisions for it. Being attached to family or other such sentiments would not help in career making. One has to move forward and make a path in the crowd for ones career. If we do not have opportunities in our place we have to go out to other cities where more opportunities are expected. If we do not get a job even there then we have to make a move to greener pasture abroad.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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