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    When the truth is concealed, narratives are created

    Have you come across people who do not provide the actual facts or reports that hide details so as to not conveying the actual truth? Share your experiences on this interesting topic.

    Truth is always bitter. When a person is not in a position to accept the truth they try to hide it and create narratives which gives rise to a false perception. The false stories are circulated so much that people think it gospel truth. Such things are created only to divert the attention from the facts and inefficiency of that person. Despite working on improving the image among the public, the person with a false narrative tries to keep on crafting unreasonable things.

    I think a person tries to create narrative only when he is not ready to face the truth and they come up with stories far away from reality and such an approach exposes him or her to people as unreasonable and shady.
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    Narratives and chronology, these two words are often heard in social media and both words are used to use all related incidents in an array about a particular issue. In most of the cases, some orchestrated incidents might be parts of this strategy. It may be a fake thin layer of unnoticed curtain suspended on false is that what's visible appears to be the truth.

    All the narratives about all these narratives are based on truth or not is also a matter of scrutiny. Sometimes, what we see is an oasis and sometimes, we fail to notice that it was not an oasis but actually, it was a source. And in the whole of this scenario, a common man plays a role as an indoctrinated onlooker.
    I don't know if my observation is right. Some people may think otherwise.
    Should social media be reliable for concluding these issues in such a manner? I think the 'dilemma' is a suitable word for a common man like me is wherein.

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    People who never wanted to face the bitter truths try to create stories to hide the truth. The truth will be always one only. But to hide this one truth many stories will be created and sometimes we may even forget the real truth. Today we see many forwards and stories in Social media. But many of them are not real and created by some people. This is creating a lot of confusion in the minds of the people. But accepting the truth and amending ourselves to get adjusted to the truths is always a better option. This attitude will make us tensionless and we all will have peace of mind.
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    Most of the narratives are created to mislead the gullible people and unfortunately many of these narrative creators are successful in their motive. Clever and cunning people especially when they have committed something extremely wrong or of criminal nature, quickly create impressive narratives and float them in the social media. Today this thing is happening in a large way and we are seeing it in our political system very well happening on daily basis. So, the root cause of the misleading narratives is either the political ambitions of a few people or it is the work of the PR people of the existing Govt. It is a serious matter and requires to be corrected.
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    Truth is not bitter, it is the problem with many people to accept the truth because of which they find it bitter. When people cannot accept things they somehow try to defend it and narrative is one such form to hide the truth. For any kind of information, we need to depend on others. Whether it is the latest discovery in the scientific domain or some happenings in a particular place somebody is presenting us the information. We trust those who have credibility and it is better to verify information that we get from unauthorised sources. People nowadays depend heavily on social media for the latest news, though social media platforms are not news media in any case. Many people have the notion that whatever is circulated widely has some substance in it but in many cases, they are just a ploy to divert attention which is described in a good way in the thread. It is not possible to hide the truth for a long time and when it is revealed it creates a furore.

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    Wonderful thread started by the author. Often many of us dare not to speak the truth because the truth is bitter and the we cannot sustain the effect of it thus take the help of narratives which ware against the interest of the truth and yet we could able to manage at the hour of time but again when the same issue or matter comes again and again, we are telling more narratives and thus the opposite person is having wisdom enough to gauge that we are fumbling and telling more lies. But there is always a strength in telling the truth and that should not be hurting the real knowledge people as they do know that the process takes time and has to go through the values and virtues of its work and therefore asking for more time is the genuine demand and one cannot suspect any foul play. We can always seek more time to settle but not over riding the truth.
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