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    Problem Solving Attitude is a must for today's youth

    In our personal life and professional life, there are a variety of problems. All offices, companies, and institutions always face a variety of problems daily due to changing circumstances, challenges, economic conditions, market conditions, and fluctuations of business.

    Creative and analytical thinking ability is the most important quality to solve any problem. If you do not have this quality, then it will be difficult for you to achieve success in any job or career line.

    Therefore, your problem-solving attitude must be so that you can always succeed in your job or profession and this is possible only through self-development.
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    Problems are part of our life. When we work problems, obviously, come in our way and we have to solve them without being perplexed is important. I have seen a few people who never find any perplexity in finding a solution to any problem. Such a person I saw in the local municipal corporation. He works as a clerk. He pointed out mistakes others and expounded them in such a lucid way that even I understood without knowing what the work was.
    Solving any problem requires to be calm. If a person is worried about how to find a solution he will not be able to find a solution. Sometimes, while calculating a table sheet we do some mistakes and both sides are not balanced. In this situation, we have to recheck all figures but if we are perplexed we will not catch our mistakes. It happens in a normal way in an office. Rechecking should be done meticulously.

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    Life is not a walk on a bed of roses. We may have to walk on thorns also sometimes. How you manage your walk without getting injured is very important. If you wait for the waves to subdue to have a bath in the ocean, you can never have a bath. So we should learn to take bath without getting affected by the waves.
    In our lives, we may have to face many problems. They may be in our personal life or in professional front. How we have to solve those problems will depend on our attitude. No lock is made without a key. Similarly, there are no problems for which there are no solutions. So we have to think and find out a solution to the problem. That is very important.
    Logical thinking will always help you in finding a solution to the problem. Running away from the problem is never a good trait. Face the problem. understand the problem and find a way to come out of the problem. That will make you successful always. Analytical thinking and dividing the problem into smaller units will give you more insights about the problem.

    always confident

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    The contention of author that young people should take their own decisions and have an analytical approach in solving the problems in heir lives is a good thinking but Indian society is an emotional and family dependent society and the children are given much care during their upbringing and are protected from the tough and cruel world outside. When they turn young then they start realising that the world is a difficult place to negotiate and for every decision they look up to their parents. Even after making a career they often take help from family in one way or other. So I am pained to say that they do not learn the art of decision making and analysis doing till quite some time in their lives. Our social and family structure has made them a sort of handicapped in the matter. Until they develop a problem solving attitude and take their own decisions, which they own also, things would not improve.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Problem solving attitude is not such an easy thing that everyone possess it. It requires knowledge and calm and quiet mind to find solutions to the problems. Some people have that ability and are able to solve the problems and face the challenges in their lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Good advice from the youth author and it is the fact that youth are careless, does not learn from the mistakes nor have interest to solve the problems and thus allow to escalate the tasks to such an extent that they are forced to seek interventions from the others. When the problems are detected the nipping stage, then it is easy to solve but youth does not have the patience nor the know how to get rid of the nagging problem and thus seems to be lost and sulking. When the problem is sighted going to the root cause of it should be the attitude , but the youth neglect and does not want to have that exercise and thus their negligence would prove to be costly and even cause trying times with other connected works. If they are well versed in damage control exercise then they are destined to become big in near future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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