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    Suggestions to students

    You can't succeed in one day but surely, one day you will succeed if you work everyday. Consistency is essential part of success. Another aspect of success is time management. How to use time systematically is an art which everybody does not know. Those who use their time carefully can work more than a common person does. You should make a list of important and secondary works or activities which you have to perform everyday and prioritize them as per their merit and importance and then divide your in-hand time in different slots of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and an hour. Choose the essential activities from the list and assign time slots for each of them as the situation or merit demands. Henceforth, second stage starts of execution and This process should be continued till the activity is completed. At the end of the day, take a look how many activities were completed and the manner of their completion. Initially, it may disturb all your mundane and unorganized activities but gradually , it becomes the part of daily life as a routine work.
    I don't say that secondary activities like using mobile or playing cricket or meeting with friends or watching movies or going for picnic etc all these activities will become taboo for a doer but all these activities should remain as secondary or trivial ones.

    What you are or what you do is not important , what you achieve is important for you and for others who want to see you successful in your life. A young boy who wastes his time in games and mobile but end result comes positive he is regarded as an efficient young boy whereas a boy who studied without focussing his study does not achieve expected result is not hailed as a good boy. So what is the end result in your life impresses the people The ways you work or modus operandi to perform your activities become secondary issues.
    Stay cool and dedicate yourself to goal while using all abilities,hopefully, bring you success.
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    A good thread from the author advising the students about the various aspects to the students. Enjoying all the times and getting into studies at the last movement is never advisable to a student. A student should start studying from the beginning and plan his timing as per the syllabus. He should complete his studies well in advance and should start revising before the examinations. During the examination, we should not have tension and we should be as cool as possible. Late-night readings during the examinations are never advisable. Concentrate on studies and focus on the subject is very important. students should not get into unnecessary activities and should focus on their studies only.
    In addition to the subject, some extra circular activities also are good for the students. They should select some activity which they like and try to get expertise in that field. That will give them additional scope for excelling in that field in life.

    always confident

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    If time is used properly in student life, then success in life is definitely achieved. On the contrary, students who take the view of what they will or will read, see the face of failure. Students should complete their work on or before the scheduled time. So that the outline of the other work can be done in the remaining time. Free time should also be used in such a way that it also proves useful. In this free time, students can get guidance from their teachers or elders. Organize time by creating a table for your students to eat, drink, play, sleep, and wake up. It should not be like that there is still a lot of time for exams, will study later.
    Swati Sharma

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    Nice advise from the author by giving best tips to the students and it is the fact that students have to brace up and live up to the expectations of self and the parents and they have the commitment to study and prepare for the exams. They should not keep postponing the studies and keep updating themselves and remember important points of the day so that they can expand and make a right representation writing in the exams. Basics of daily studies need to be remembered and the teaching of the teacher must be noted down because a teacher would branch out and tell the extra information which can be used to elaborate the content in the exams. Give credence to the short answers and objectives so that formidable mark is already in and then attempt the hard questions to the level of your knowledge to at least score some respectable marks to go through.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Good guidelines and suggestion made by the author to the students. May students are not organised in their lives and then they simply repent on those attitudes later in their lives. Student life is a life of devotion and dedication for learning and increasing knowledge and based on that only the future success and carer making is dependent. So utilising the time in hand and working hard is the only mantra today.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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