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    OTT platform or Theaters: Which one do you prefer?

    OTT is the short form of Over the Top streaming media platform. The OTT platforms we are familiar with are Hot star, Amazon Prime Videos, HBO and Netflix. Befoer lock down, Movie theaters are totally against the movies being released directly in OTT platforms. Since Theater owner association is a giant association, producers couldn't risk against them. Now due to lock down, theaters are also closed but this is the right time for movies to be released, because people have more time for family time and entertainment. So, producers, directors and actors took a step to enter OTT platform. It is a giant leap in Cinema world.

    As a common people, we too enjoy the luxury of watching movie at our convenient time, less cost, and beautiful family time. Importantly, we have the advantage of skipping songs and non impressive scenes easily. Though we watch a new movie from home, we are not exploiting anybody's hard work or money, because watching a movie on OTT platform is 100% legal.

    On the other side, I see some people finding it hard that these OTT platform has no censor team, so violent and adult scenes are not censored in many movies. Many youngsters who do hero worshiping miss the celebration of first day first show. So, many movie lovers feel that people may loose the movie craze in future. Even the mass production will be treated as tele series and short movies.

    So, What do you feel about this OTT platform? What do you prefer to watch movies? What do you miss in OTT that is present in theater?
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    I prefer watching a movie in a theatre. I enjoy a movie on a big screen more than a small screen. But when there is no option of going to a movie I may watch the movie on a small screen also.
    The happiness we get when we see a movie in a theatre with many people who are unknown to us will give a different feeling. When we see the movie in the house, we may have many distractions and we will not enjoy the movies fully. Sometimes we will be attending some other works also when watching them in the house. But when we go to a movie house there will not be any distraction and we will completely immerse in watching the movie.
    Uncensored movies should not be allowed. That will lead to some unrest in the young people. For that reason, we should not encourage the OTT platform much. I hope the pandemic will be over and shortly we will go and see a movie in a theatre at the earliest.

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    Most of the people like to go to theatre only. It has got its own charm. One gets opportunity to go out and have a nice time with family and friends. That entertainment level and enjoyment in a theatre is unique. So, definitely people will prefer theatre. At the same time for some people OTT is a better choice because it gives freedom from the adherence to schedules and timings and one can entertain oneself at ease as per the spare time available to him anywhere or anytime. So individual choice has definitely a weightage. I personally like to see the movies in OTT mode as it is convenient to me in all respect.
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    I feel watching the movies in the theater gives us the best viewing experience on many counts. That we would be watching the movies with the crowd and the hooting and whistles hype the scenes and performance and when the emotions high and the scenes going critic and cryptic the already watched audience would tell the story before hand and that kind of narration would bring in more enjoyment and during the songs are shown, the dance from the seats and renting the papers on air would bring more joy and happiness to the events being done inside the theater. Really one would enjoy more than described.
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    Movie-production is a big business which require investment of millions of rupees and some movies are produced in billions. Therefore, producer who invests money in its production or the distributor who pays huge amount to producer for distribution rights has to earn money too, so he/they can't release a new movie unless he/they find it profitable for his/their company.

    I don't watch movies in theatres. I have stopped watching movues in theatre for almost rwo decades. If I have to watch any movie I get it in my mobile by paying ?10 for new movie. I don't bother to pay ?500 to ?800 to any OTT platform .

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    I also think that most people would like to see it in the theater itself, I also like the option of theater to watch a movie. There was a time when cinema was not even started properly, people were still entertained, but then it was theater. Today, when the cinema is at its peak, dozens of films are released every week, but there is still a section that likes theater. On the big screen, the quality and the sound of the movie, etc., the effect that the audience gets by sitting over there is not found in other mediums.
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    I had no interest to go to theatres for seeing a movie however super duper it was. That thing is still there in my habit and normally I am busy in YouTube channels and news channels and very occasionally and rarely go for viewing movies and will prefer the OTT mode only. There is freedom to see it as per the availability of the time and due to the large choice it is definitely a better mode.
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    I like watching movies and it does not matter where do I watch them. Before lockdown, we used to go to the theatres for a full day out that used to include a movie, some shopping, and having meals. As I have a son, many times we have been to the theatre during his school hours because all the movies are not suitable for him. Now when we are bound to be at home, we are watching movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. This option is comparatively very reasonable as we do not need to buy separate tickets for all and we are not bound to buy the costly cheese popcorn buckets.

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    I have always been someone who enjoys going into the theater and watching a movie because it is just another experience, right? The big screen, loud sound systems and the audience reactions just makes it better in some way. However with the type of content that our film industry is creating right now it is quite a waste of time to go over to theater. While over this lockdown period different OTT platforms have continuously worked hard to give us praiseworthy content. Also there are quite a lot of benefits that comes from OTT subscriptions, it's cheaper, it gives you a lot of options and it has shows that real and unfiltered which are hard to see on theater screens. Also there are ways you can enjoy all these shoes and films with your friends, which I find quite interesting. So, all I wanna say is that I've been a theater lover for long however with time I think OTT platforms are bit better and i am leaning towards it because of its credibility, mostly.
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