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    Never belittle others to hide your mistakes

    Many people are well aware of their incompetencies and inabilities. But they want to hide them. Such people will try to criticise others so that they can hide their weaknesses. Such people deliberately forget the merits of the other persons and try to belittle them. Such people suffer from an inferiority complex. To hide their weaknesses and show that they are better, they will try to find always mistakes with others. Such people will use harsh words for criticising others and their intentions will never to correct the other person.
    Nobody is perfect in this world. All are bound to do mistakes. So forgetting our mistakes and try to highlight the mistakes of the others is not a good trait. It is always easy to correct ourselves rather than trying to find the mistakes in others. Never try to belittle others to hide your mistakes.
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    It is very true that there are some people who have a habit of making negative comments about others and by doing that they distract people from their shortcomings. But one thing is also there that such people do not progress in their lives because they will always be busy in doing those menial things. So, they are harming themselves by resorting to such mean practices. Hiding mistakes will not be successful every time because people will catch these things soon and the reputation of the concerned person will be at stake. Best thing would be to ignore such people.
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    We must correct our own mistakes and if somebody suggests us something for our betterment we should analyze the suggestion rather than completely ignoring it. Hiding incompetencies is of no use. Whenever one becomes aware of her/his incompetencies she/he should begin addressing it. We must appreciate others for their efforts and accept our faults rather than pointing fingers to others. As long as we are not accepting our inabilities we won't be able to work on them towards betterment. If people keep on hiding their inefficiencies they will never be efficient.

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    I agree with the author that there are many people who criticize others and hide their shortcomings. But I hardly see any person who would like to see his shortcomings be exposed to the world. Everybody hides his shortcomings. There is nothing wrong if you hide your mistakes or shortcomings from others, rather, you are to hide them from letting them be brought in cognizance of other people. If your mistakes or flawed part of your character is brought into the notice of other people will cause your stigmatization. However, the wrong point is that nobody should focus on mistakes or shortcomings of other people. If I think that my image or prestige is important in my sight then it is obligatory on me to respect other people as well.
    Criticising others is an easy job but character building is extremely difficult process. So we should be good human to cooperate each other instead of finding faults in others.

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    Truly said by the author that we have no right to belittle others just because we have done the mistake and we are trying to coverup the same. Accepting the mistake gracefully is also the biggest trait in a person but our egos and ethos would not allow us to think in that way. We often think that we are right and try to over power others with our thought process that we have done the right thing and the mistake was the system error or rules does not permit. Officially we take the help of set rules and regulations of the works, but there are sweeping powers granted to us to exercise the damage control and in that case the mistakes can be avoided and further mistakes can be prevented. What I feel that we try to shift our mistake on others and thus that is the bad trait which not only exposes our weakness but also the chance of patchup.
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