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    Understanding the role of interview in job

    Interview is a process for final selection of a candidate and everyone who is striving to get selected for a position in any organisations prepares for the interview with his or her best efforts. Just having a good score in the written test will not suffice as interview is the final test where in addition to academic capabilities other traits and qualities of the individual are cross examined by a panel of the interview board. So, the interview plays a very essential and vital part in the career of a candidate who prepares for it with all the wits.

    There are instances when some people fare very good in the written examination but become concerned for the interview due to their inherent shyness or some such deficiency which is often seen in the introvert people although they are most of the time very good in studies. Then, there are others who know the things but have a lack of confidence and show some fumbling, fearful body language, and confusion at the time of interview only to lose the chance of getting selected.

    The persons going to face an interview should understand that in any selection process there are two parts. One is the academic part where individual knowledge is the only criterion but the other part is the personality and mannerism which is also a qualification when a person gets a job and has to discharge some high level responsibilities and also has to take work from his subordinates in the overall interest of the organisation. At that juncture, many other traits and qualities help the person and it is therefore imperative that a candidate should give importance to the interview in the same manner as he or she had given to the written examination. With that type of mindset and preparation there is no reason why a student or candidate will fail in the verbal interrogation. A candidate who is confident and can clearly express his knowledge to the board members and talks in a polite but convincing manner generally gets success in this final test.

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    Interview is the final assessment conduit between the written test and the appointment in the position for which the exam was held. It is an important milestone and if one does not get success in it then one loses the chance of getting the employment. One should take the interview as the part of the written exam only as the score obtained in it is finally added to the academic written score.
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    Taking interview for the recruitment is essential to know the aptitude and communication skills of the person. For a job academic knowledge is not sufficient one should have a practical knowledge also.

    Job interviews provide an opportunity for an employer to decide how good your skills align with the company's needs. Job interviews allow employer to judge and interview how his/her skills align with the organisation requirement.


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    I agree with the author that the interview is a very important phase of the selection procedure for a job. Here, body language, self-confidence, way of replying or answering the questions, knowledge, learning level, presence of mind, quality of being witty, grasping the situation and answering accordingly, level of thinking, related skills etc all are judged by the board of interviewers. Having got good marks in written test if the candidate fails at this phase of the interview he will lose the opportunity to get employment in an organization.
    It was one aspect of the interview, another aspect which gives negative impact is not mentioned. The interview is the stage where bribery is more important than abilities, girls may be asked for compromise or recommendation of an influential personality may be required.
    I think the interview should be erased from the selection procedure. If the candidate really deserves the job, then a written test will prove him whether or not he deserves.

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    One may be good at the studies and general knowledge but when it comes to interview they tend to fail because the preparedness for the same was nil and nothing. While there is no hard and fast rule as to what would be the interviewer asking, one thing is sure, they would want to test your observation and how far you are posted about the latest developments. In one of the interview when I gone prepared for the subject matter, the interviewer asked me personal question and how many staircase steps did I walk before entering the room. Though that was not expected but having gone through the four floors I immediately replied 72 steps much to stunning of the interviewer and he asked me to reason it. I said to climb one floor one need to claim 18 steps as normal and if that is added four times it comes to 72, and I was selected.
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    An interview is a very important stage in getting selected for a post. There may be a written test and group discussion before you are selected for an interview. Generally, the interview will help the employer to understand about the employment seeker and the employment seeker about the company. Here the presentation by the candidate should be good so that the persons conducting the interview will get a good impression about the candidate. How you talk, how you observe others while talking and how attentive you are will be seen by the employer. Your understanding of abilities and communication skills are tested in this phase. Candidate should talk politely at the same he should firm on his answers and he should be able to make his point very clear to the other side.
    In private organisations, your performance in the interview will have a very important say. One should be able to fare the interview well and there are no short cuts for selection. But in government jobs, recommendations and bribery may play some role.

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    The first thing about preparing for a job interview is to understand what most people do not pay attention to and that they have to lose the job they have got. read the job description correctly before going to the job interview. It is not just limited to education qualification. Apart from this, you should know about other job requirements such as the quality and background detail of the employer. The more in-depth you read the job description, the better you will know about that job post. Apart from this, it will also be very easy for you to understand what kind of questions will be asked during the job interview. For the company where you are applying for a job, you must first do thorough research about it. You will be able to give the best answer to this question only if you have complete knowledge about the company.

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