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    Why many are not comfortable with e payments?

    I met several people in the recent past and I myself also most interested to have the cash transactions and not comfortable with e dealings. Though the govt and business demands the e transactions be the order of the day, many are yet to get accustomed to it by feeling that their money would be misused. What about you ? Are you also believe in cash dealings and have enough money at the home and hand? And what about the future, will there be cash dealings or totally taken off to give total rights for e transactions?
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    I am quite happy with e-transactions. I have accounts in banks, Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay. All my transactions for payment of LIC premium, BSNL bill, Electricity bill, purchase of items online, are successfully done without any delay or miss. And I ensure to draw a few thousand rupees and carry it in my purse to meet the small purchases.

    I must say that I am very comfortable with e-payments, using my laptop.

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    I am talking about those who does not have knowledge and smart phones with them.
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    The young and educated people having money in their bank accounts are much comfortable with e-payments and online transactions and in fact many of them are not keeping cash with them. In earlier times people were keeping a good cash with them in their house for emergencies and eventualities but today things are changing drastically and even small vendors are displaying a PayTM placard showing their mobile number where payment can be made digitally. So, people are becoming much accustomed to it. The only exceptions are the earlier generation out of which many are not well conversant and if something wrong happens then they do not know how to correct it. Then there are many downtrodden and poor who are also not knowing much about these things. But slowly, things are going to the digital side in a faster pace. Future seems to be only the era of digital transactions.
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    I am comfortable in conventional way of transactions, however, some people prefer online payment.

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    If you are talking about those who does not have knowledge and smart phones with them, you should have clearly stated in your summary. Again an irrelevant thread from you. If people have no knowledge and smartphones with them, they will have to buy a mobile phone. Anyone who has a bank account will certainly have a smart phone. Otherwise, they will have to visit the bank every now and then to deposit/withdraw cash. These days, It is a must to have phone.

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    I think some people find it more convenient and reliable to exchange cash so they want to ignore E- transaction, apart from this every person does not like to have online banking. If I talk about my family, me and my siblings, etc. We all believe in online transactions but when it comes to my father and grandfather, they even keep their ATM card in their almera and never keep it with them when going outside. They do not mind going to the bank for every task but they do not trust online transactions, so they still withdraw a certain amount from the bank in the first week of the month for themselves so that ATMs do not have to be used. I think that the things that we have always been, we find convenient in the same way.
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    Though online transactions are convenient and are used by the younger generations very frequently .in case of any discrepancy, they can tackle the same conveniently. So for them, Paytm, Phonepe, Googlepay etc are the convenient plateforms for transactions. Though Paytm is the instrument being used even by the the small shops and to ensure that the transaction has been effected successfully, you need to have a smartphone showing the successful transaction of the payment. Though in my case, I feel comfortable to use my debit card for payments in the grocery shops or in the departmental stores. In that case, I need not have my mobile under my possession and only debit card is sufficient to make effective transactions. Though my daughters are habituated with all sorts of E transactions, I am yet to be tuned with all these instruments.

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    There are people in the villages who don't know how e transactions are done but those who know finds it comfortable than the cash transactions. I remember few days back my debit card was not working for the purchases I had to take out the cash first and then have to pay even for the filling of petrol. It was really tough for me till I didn't get my new debit card delivered as to take out cash everytime from the ATM machines is not comfortable also you have to pay tax after 3 transactions I guess.

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