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    Given the present living conditions what could be our maximum leaving age?

    Many of our elders have lived up to the age of 90 years and plus and some have even crossed 100 years as they did not have the proper records. In those days the food was original from the farms and there was no adulteration or cheating and the people were doing hard work, good eating habits , good food , made them to stay fit for longer years. Given the present living conditions what could be our maximum leaving age? According to you what would be age when we ideally fit with good health and happiness.
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    Regarding staying alive is not in our hands when the death comes to snatch this soul from the body it will take away. The author has written about our wish and he has enquired how long we like to live in this world, I think when we become a burden on others and they begin to wish to let the old man die, I think let this time not come in one's life.

    Our forefathers lived for a hundred years or close to hundred years of age and I agree with the author that our forefathers had good food to eat, besides it, they didn't spend luxurious life as well. They did not have serious diseases too. They used to do physical work as well.

    Let alone food we don't get fresh air also. Tensions and depression are more common now. We have different mental disorder and diseases which our forefathers had never heard. They lived a very simple life.

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    What you think is your age of leaving earth. By looking up the statistics, if one think that they live only upto a certain age, they are sure to live upto that age only. If you think of more age, say beyond 90, you are sure to live upto that age. In your daily prayer to God, say "Oh God, Let me live long. Don't take take me away from earth today." God might listen and approve it. Yet, God also cannot change your destiny. No one can erase/amend/edit/delete the fate (DOD) written on your pate. DOB can be predicted, but DOD cannot be predicted.
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    If the health of a person is satisfactory and there are no financial setbacks and family problems which means a happy mental life then the longevity of a person generally can extend to the bracket of 90 to 100 years. Exceptionally one can live beyond 100 also. A healthy person has more chances of a non bed-ridden life in the late age and die peacefully. It is also to be noted that the average life expectancy in India as per the reputed sources like World Bank and other such agencies is from 65 to 70 years only. So anyone who does not fall ill and stays after 70 is the above average person and should thank the Almighty for this great favour.
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    The life span of a person purely depends on his food and other habits of the individual. These days also we see many people living for more than 70 years. People dying due to ill health at an early age may be there but the percentage may be less.
    Medical facilities increased and new medicines and ways of treatment are coming. Now there is a cure for very difficult problems are also there. So if we have good habits, we can live for a minimum of 80 years.There is no doubt. More than 90% of the people will be living for more than 80 years I feel. Further, with modern technics and medicines coming into usage the life span will definitely increase.
    Take proper food, daily do some exercise, don't indulge in bad habits and follow good practices of life. Then one can live for more than 80 years.

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    I have seen a number of cases when people in the age group 70 to 80 get some ailments and their health conditions deteriorate and finally they die during that struggle. Still many are lucky to sail smoothly and reach the bracket of 90-100.
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