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    Give credence to listening than imposing your views

    It is the fact that many of us by having the virtue of great knowledge and know how would be excited to share information , matters and expect others to appreciate this great trait within us, but invariably others want to impose their views on us, let them do it, because we are not wasting our energy and we can always confront them with our replies later. Moreover others always share the new information and that would be new knowledge for us. Never get let down that others are not giving chance to us. Give credence to listening than imposing your views
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    If we have some good information for other members or random visitors of ISC, surely, we should share it on the board without considering positive or negative reactions. I think if post shared on the board is informative there is no possibility of any negative comments on it.

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    If a particular person is knowledgeable then I do not think that he should only talk and tell and not listen to other persons. If he does so then he is not hang the basic courtesy and manners. Listening to others is also very much required as that gives us the important viewpoint of others which we many times miss in our pondering. We should have a balance between our speaking and listening. Extreme of both is harmful in some respect.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nicely said by the author. Yes, this is true no matter how knowledgeable a person is, but every time we learn a new high from this world, and for this, it is very important that we handle our knowledge and also take the education we get from others. As far as the matter of conversion is concerned, when two or more people are talking among themselves, then it is a matter of ladder that only one person can speak at a time and in such a time, intelligent people first give the opportunity to others and then they give their thoughts.

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    Listening is very important. Unless otherwise, we hear what others say we don't know what is the point of view on the subject. So to understand the merits and demerits of the other person's argument. We learn many things by hearing others. We may be very knowledgable but there may be new points which we have not noticed earlier. If we hear others such points will also come to our knowledge.
    One should listen to learn and understand. But some will hear to counter the argument or to prove that the other person is wrong. That is not a good trait. The same sentence different readers will understand differently and they will have their own explanation. So we should hear others.

    always confident

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    Giving ones views and making narrations is a good trait and it should be done whenever required but only doing this will be a one sided affair and one must inculcate the habit of listening also in ones life. By listening to others we get many points where we might be erring in our lives. That is the reason of taking advices from a number of people before taking a decision.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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