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    Dangers of frustration spilling all over

    The inflation in recent times is just horrible. It must be at least eight percent. However, the interest rates on deposits are coming down day after day. Since the virus fear is a lot lesser in many parts of the country, the small businesses have started to boom. This happens because there is very little money in the hands of people. If someone can offer a roti at Rs3hundreds buy that. In the South of India, people are happy to consume iddlis sold by the roadside vendors at Rs3 apiece.

    However, the main issue that there are no jobs at all. Talk to the bankers. There is no fresh recruitment in most public sector banks. The staff are totally frustrated at all levels. Similarly, most teachers in the private schools have lost their jobs or are working for highly reduced salaries. The Government is not giving cash in the hands of people, but talking about the Rs10000 loans to street vendors.

    Too much of frustration of so many people will blow over at some stage. We need structural changes to get things done. The Govt should listen to world-class economists and not the half-baked experts within its framework.

    The time to act is now.
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    What can be done by our government? Pandemic, lock down and jobless were unexpected events. Government can help people by giving them loan to set up their own business. Government cannot/should not think of distributing free cash to all the poor.

    Just look at the Tamilnadu government providing Rs. 2500/- as Pongal gift to each ration card holder. Tamilnadu has 2 crores + ration card holders. Government would require 5000 crores to meet the requirement. From where does the government get this money? In what way this Rs. 2500/- would solve the poors problem? This is done by the ruling government to attract the voters for the next election.

    With the 5000 crores, many small scale industries could have been started by the government to provide employment to many jobless people. Poor thinking of the TN government.

    No life without Sun

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    There are problems. The pandemic is still there. Because of this many jobs are lost and people who work in small jobs like driving also lost jobs. That made the economy to fall. Slowly the situation is improving and last opportunities are coming back.
    India is a very highly populated country and poverty is a big problem here. We can't expect the government to distribute free money to all the poor. Wherefrom the government will get money. Many state governments are distributing many free items to the poor. So there is no money for developmental activity.
    The central government is also trying to do the needful and see that there will be an improvement in the overall situation of the country. We should have patience and cooperate with them so that the condition will improve and the country will progress.

    always confident

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    Rao Sir, the world's best economists advised the Government of India to put money in the hands of those who lost jobs and people below poverty line. Instead of doing this, and giving just five kgs of rice, the great Modi Govt have Rs1,41,000 crores to help select corporates to reduce their debts. So, only the capitaliats were helped but not the common man.

    A scheme could have been formulated to give 8.5 percent interest on any special deposit subject to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh only for senior citizens. This interest should have been exempted under the existing law where we get benefit upto 50,000 by hiking the exemption limit to Rs.75,000 . Today, one lady who is supposed to be the Union Finance Minister has given something and removed what she has given in the other hand. For example, Mutual Fund interest from Balanced Funds is also taxed. So, senior citizens cannot even spend normal money to see a movie in a multiplex now ( cinemas have only now re-opened).

    So much record from the Govt. Only God should save this country. Someone goes on bluffing day in and day out. The whole nation believes such lies.

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    There is no doubt that unemployment and inflation, these are two burning issues and creating obstacles in the progress of our country. Govt is also not able to handle these issues in a concrete way. Students are finding the job hunting extremely difficult and day by day the competition is heating up. These things are creating frustration in the young enervation. Govt has to devise some newer ways to deal with these problems.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    You seem to be worried about the senior citizens who have some bank deposits and interest rates. You are least worried about the poor who have lost their job and have no bank accounts. Just have a look at the poor and have a feel about them. It is the people who should work or start a business with the loan provided by the government. The government can show the path, not feed freely for life.

    The industrialists/corporates are feeding the people of our country by providing them jobs. They cannot be ignored. If done, many in our country would suffer without a job.

    Think differently than accusing the government

    No life without Sun

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    SuN Sir, if the Govt supports the Tatas I have no problem. If the Govt supports the TVS group of Chennai, I have no issues. If the Govt supports the likes of Rahul Bajaj, no issues.

    But it supports Adani and Ambani. Please read statistics on how these guys have become monopolies. They are so powerful that they can literally ask the Govt that frames laws, to support their cause. This is absolutely atrocious. And then the Essar group. Please go and read statistics on those who control your money and our money. Indian banks are bleeding only because of them Take the Sardar fellows who once controlled Ranbaxy. Look at how manipulative they are. I really do not know if you know anything about these people.

    Get your records right. I will come back with more facts. Am not keeping well because of the severe winter here this year. When I feel better, I will come back. Do you know TVS group provides loans to truck people? NPA is just less than one percent. Do you know that they also provide thousands of jobs directly and millions indirectly. Do you know about TVS logistics?

    This company is now a big player in Supply Chain Management. They directly impact the lives of thousands of drivers, conductors and field staff, pan-India. Do you know 99 percent of TVS is debt free.

    TVS will not take up any project that spoils the environment. Look at the crook Advani's Australia coal project. Do you know the details?

    It is shocking that you support someone who is blatantly capitalist. Look at the double standards regarding a fund started at COVID time. I will come back and refute every single point you make. Please understand, someone is robbing you and me.

    God save this country.

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    The so called frustration is only vented by the author and he always confronts himself with two sides of happenings and yet blame the system or the economy as if everyone is doomed and there is no end to problems. People have woken up and rejig has been made in their own life as they have gone through the worst phase and now learned the lesson of austerity and go slow on every purchases and that may have the go slow effect on economy. And why the bankers are not able to see the surge because people are more worried about the tomorrow and not the future returns and thus shying away from the deposits . And those who are the spendthrift in the past are indulging in the same kind of purchasing power and that makes the economy going. Nevertheless when compared to other countries, we have recovered and get going.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan Sir and Rao Sir, am not talking about frustration of one section. Everyone is frustrated. Including senior citizens. Massive price of petrol and diesel is one big policy failure of the Govt. Of course, there are too many bakthas like our Mohan Sir and our SuN Sir. That is why there has been a big support for someone who behaves like an absolute dictator.

    As many claim, the party is no angel at all. Pl tell how they got Rs100 crores each to purchase the Congress MLAs in MP and in Karnataka. Everyone knows where the money is coming from. Sirs, we should look at realities. The harsh realities. At the moment, everything looks so gloomy. Of course, the economy has revived at the lower end of the spectrum. Mohan Sir, kindly tell us, how many new and regular jobs have been created in AP and in Telengana in the past three years. The term fixed term employment is nothing but another word for contract employment.

    Modi and his team are happily creating armies and armies of contract labour everywhere. I hope Mohan Sir and his fellow baktha SuN Sir, know this. Look around and see what is going on.

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    Creating jobs and getting into development mode is the continued process and one cannot expect that to happen over night. Just because PM Modi is sober and does not give credence to every allegations, it does not mean that he is weak and not capable, given the conditions, if Congress was ruling the country, we would have gone bad to much worse and the damage control exercise has made the country proud and even the IMF has chided the farmers for asking too much when the govt is ready to extend the olive branch and we know who instigated the farmers and that party is keeping silent and watching the tamasha from the gallery.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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