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    Some good people who inspire us

    I watched a video of a young teacher who teaches poor children. These children live near a red light in Mumbai and beg alms. This teacher voluntarily has started classes to provide them education without any fee. I appreciate this man and similar likeminded people who come forward to do some social work without any selfishness. I think everybody would appreciate him and his mission to impart education to these poor children who don't go to schools or their parents are not able to afford expenses on their education.

    I know a few teachers who conduct coaching classes but it's good to know about them that if any student can't give coaching-fee they teach them without a fee. It feels good to see that humanity is still alive in some people. I am saying this because nowadays everybody seems to be selfish and does not willing to work for others free of cost.

    Example of such teachers inspires us to help poor and downtrodden people. I hope that most of the members of ISC must be involved in some kind of social work.
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    The author is right, such people who do something without any selfishness for society, such people definitely inspire another world. Every person can do social service if he/she has the desire to seek the interests of others. Some people do not pay attention to personal gain and loss before performing any task. A spirit that does not refrain from robbing itself of everything for the welfare of all others. This passion makes someone great. Not only this, they do not do any such work at any cost which weakens the society or the nation even if it is their personal loss. The person who thinks about the development of all, his life is calm and happy because the satisfaction that a person gets after his good works cannot be found in anything else. Even today, there are such great people in our society from whom we need to learn a lot.
    Swati Sharma

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    Yes. There are many people who help a lot for uplifting the poor. There are many teachers who helped a lot to the poor students and seen that the deserved will not be deprived of the education.
    In the high school where I studied there was a teacher who was alone and never married. He used to live a very simple life. He was a true follower of Vinoba Bhave. He never used costly clothes and he used to walk barefoot only. He hired a small room and used to cook food for himself and eat. He used to spend every month half of his earning for the welfare of the poor students.
    He used to give them books, uniform and other needed items. He used to pay fees for them. For some poor families, he used to give some utensils for cooking etc. He never kept any bank balance and used to spend all for serving the poor.
    It is really good to hear about such people and we should also try to do our possible help to the needy.

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    There are definitely some good and kind hearted people though their number could be less in the society. About 6 months back some ladies in our town collected food from the houses who could contribute it and gave to some labourers who became unemployed as many construction activities were halted due to corona pandemic. Many shops specially for eatables were also closed. Hawkers were badly affected. These were the labourers and workers in the shops who due to various reasons could not leave the town and could not go to their native places. This help by the ladies was very much appreciated and then many other people also came forward to help in some other ways also. Some of us contributed money and gave to some of these unemployed people to manage the basic food for them. I have seen one thing that if someone starts a noble gesture then many of us join it. So there is no dearth of followers but someone has to take an initiative for such good works.
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    Today if we see the progress of mankind and societies in different parts of the world as well as in our own country then we will find that there are many things which are happening good to the people and at many fronts we are continually developing. For making this to happen the Govt policies are one thing but there are good people who are making these policies to reach the real beneficiaries and that I think that is more important then simply giving some help to others individually. Yes, individual help is also commendable as mentioned by the author about the teacher who is teaching to the poor children. But people sitting in important posts or occupying such positions can do a lot in this area as they have enough power to help the poor and destitute. An individual can help a few people but these high position people can benefit thousands of people in one go through the Govt schemes in vogue.
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