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    How long can you survive in isolation

    We all are basically gregarious by nature and want company time to time to share our views and talks with others. Whether it is our family members or friends or neighbours or people in our surroundings we company with them and enjoy the talks and chats with each other. For many of us it is a necessity and we feel burdened if we do not talk and share with people for some time. But there are some people who are not very social and have a reserved nature and people consider them as introvert also. How they pass their time in isolation is a big curiosity for many of us.
    Anyway, individual nature varies and some people are able to survive in isolation also though majority of the people is gregarious by nature in this world.
    Can you also survive in isolation for long? Do you also not have desire to share with friends and companions? Please share your views.
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    In different situations throughout the day, there is someone together, so that if you can share things, it feels good. It is very difficult for some people to be alone, where you cannot talk to anyone. But it is not necessary to have someone with you all the time. But some people really live in isolation, and they never consider their loneliness as their weakness, but rather build strength. When you use your mobile phone excessively, spend its capacity, then obviously its battery goes down. Similarly, the same thing happens to us, and we use our energy more when more people surround us. Due to which we finally feel tired and in such a situation, if we start to be in isolation for some time, then we feel peace. But do not let yourself be surrounded by gadgets while sitting alone. Being alone means sitting completely alone. In which no other person or thing can come between you and your comfort. Isolation is good therapy to some extend.
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    Now a days almost everyone especially young generation likes to stay in isolation. They have no time to sit with their parents or siblings. This isolation is physical but mentally, they can't live without their friends. It is their mobile which bridges to interact them with other people. This type of isolation has become a trend of the day. If you visit your neighbour , you may notice that any member of the family must be having a mobile in his/her hand.
    Now, being busy on mobile has become an addiction for most of us. We can't live without mobile. If anybody visits our home we feel disturbed because as long as the guest is with us we can't use our mobile. As soon as he moves most of us immediately resume our duty. This isolation has widend a gap in our in-person interaction with people.

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    It is not easy to survive in isolation as we require some company to talk as that is one of the inherent requirement of gregarious human beings. But sometimes situation might force us to live alone and then we do not have any alternative except living in that condition. When I was doing my PG it was a hilly place where in winters usually snowfall was there and it was difficult to go out. We were two students living in a rented room with attached kitchen and during the winter holidays my room partner left for his hometown for about a month and I could not go due to some personal reasons and stayed there alone for a month. During that time due to rains and snowfall I was cut off from the outer world and there was no mobile phone or anything else which could be used for communication. Whenever in 5-6 days the weather cleared I used to go down to the market and bring some essentials for cooking the food and survive during such isolation. I was young at that time and was able to exert but how an old man could survive in such isolation is a thing which has to be thought seriously. I am talking of those who do not have children with them and are not financially sound to go to old age homes.
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    This world is made up of different kinds of people. Some are outgoing, like to mingle with a lot of people, some are shy by nature and mingle less with others. Whatever may be the nature of the person, they may not be living in isolation. Their interaction with other people depends on their mentality. The people who are introverts have their own ways of spending time. To be totally isolated one has to go to the Himalayas or to jail. Whatever it may be, to spend time in isolation is very difficult. I do not mingle with others much but I spend my time doing something or other like reading, surfing the net, or watching Snooker on the TV in my room. The maximum I can stay alone depends on the activity. If it is interesting, I can spend good amount of time.
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    It all depends on the nature of the people . Some people are reserve by nature and for them to live in isolation is not difficult but there are people who are talkative so cannot live in isolation.

    For me as I fall in the second category so I cannot live in isolation I always need people to talk to. I am not a person who can pass my time playing with the mobile or watching tv . For me I need friends or relatives to talk to.


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    Surviving in isolation may be difficult but not impossible. Basically we the human beings are social animals. They want to live together with people. There are families. There are friends. All of them meet each other from time to time. They spend together once in a while.
    But if we have internet connection in the house and if we have a laptop and a smartphone, these days spending alone is also not very difficult. During lockdowns this year many of us spend our time without going anywhere. There are families where only wife and husband lived together without going out during these times. So if it is a must and when there is no alternative we may spend time in isolation also.
    But life will become monotonous and we will get bored. We want to talk to somebody and look around. This will be true in case of almost all of us.

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    It would be really a difficult situation to live in isolation. We feel comfortable only when we are surrounded with our known circles. But despite this it would not be difficult for someone especially the men of introvert nature to live comfortably in the isolation. These people would persue their own hobbies, research or some pending job not attended for long. They have their own ways of survival. If their basic necessities are fulfilled they would pull on comfortably.
    The other options they will be looking around is the smart phone to glue on the recent events or they may talk to their colleagues in course of their job assignments. There are always outlets of our feelings due to the availability of mobiles and hence there is no question of isolation if resorted to these apparatuses.

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