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    "Bishen Singh Bedi quits Delhi and District Cricket Association."

    Bishen Singh Bedi, former Indian cricket captain and one of the famous spin quartet of India resigned from the membership of Delhi and District Cricket Association(DDCA). The DDCA decided to install the statue of Late Arun Jaitley at the stadium. The stadium which was known earlier as "Firoz Shah Kotla" was renamed " Arun Jaitley Stadium" on 12-09-2019. B.S.Bedi was very unhappy with the decision of erecting a statue of late Jaitley. He wrote to the President of DDCA, Mr.Rohan Jaitley, who incidentally is the son of late Jaitley, asking him to remove his name from the spectators' stand which was named after Mr. B.S. Bedi. Mr. Bedi also resigned from the membership of DDCA. He said that the administrators should not be put ahead of players.
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    I agree. The administration should not get more important than the players. The game is becoming popular because of the players. They are playing and inspiring the next generation to play the game. Because of such players, only the game has become very popular. Many of the people never know what is the role played by Jaitley in popularising the game in India. But everybody knows about Beishen Singh Bedi, his skills and his services to the game. It is very sad that Bedi is getting out of Delhi and District Cricket Association(DDCA).
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    Politics should not come in the way of sports. In sports talent only will survive unlike in politics. B.S.Bedi, the legendary ace spinner of yesteryears and who used to bowl with immaculate length. He used to complete an over within 2 minutes and with so many maiden overs in an innigs. Why political parties think that simply replacing the historical name of a particular name with their present leaders will help them to get popularized. Actually such people get defamed rather than getting good name. It is sad to loose the services of such legendary persons to Indian cricket as they lived and breath for cricket only in their life.

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    He is right. There should be no politics to give importance to politicians. Did at anytime, Arun Jaitley played a game in that stadium? Sports related structures should be given preference to reputed sports person only. Politicians do nothing but only try to change existing things.
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    Bishan Singh Bedi was a veteran cricketer who played for India and won several matches for his country. I don't know what exact issues are between him and his cricket board. If he has resigned for erecting the statue of Mr Arun Jaitely, I think it should not be a big issue. Anyways, it's his own issue and he has resigned for reasons best known to him. I think there should be some hidden reasons which he has not disclosed.

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