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    Nowadays some pains are becoming part of daily life.

    In the present life, we do not know when the pain of any part of the body becomes a part of our routine. Many people often experience stiffness in the shoulders and body and lower back pain after waking up in the morning. People ignore this pain for a long time and then suddenly it starts bothering us every day. Whether you have to bend down, sit, or drive for a long time, pain becomes a mess in every small task.

    If you have noticed, in the last few years, problems of vertebra L3 or L4, C4, and C5, etc., of the spinal cord revolving around this pain have also come to the fore. Every fifth person has stretch and pain in the shoulder, back, or lower back. Especially this problem is getting more in the youth group nowadays.

    What is the real problem? The solution is only in physiotherapy or allopathy or it is not that some pain can be relieved by some easy exercise and correct way of getting up and down. What do you think, members?
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    Pain is a part of everyday life. It may be health issues or mental issues,either of them our dangerous for our lives. We need to recognise our pain & should always consider and cure the pain ASAP before it's too late.
    We are becoming too busy with our own live that no one cares about their own back pain,knee pain, regular acidity,or headache,etc. We always avoid or just takes medicine from medical and then after an hour again start with our own work.
    Then, it always make the situation worse & leads to major diseases.
    More worse of that nobody cares about their mental state that could actually be more than the physical pain cause mental issues are actually not recognizable & this hectic and competent lives of ours only make this harder cause we do not have time to care about our health but about everything other shit.
    But, we have to understand that we our on self is more important than anyother thing in the world so let everyone of us at least make few hours of a day to recognise and help ourselves to get rid of the pain.

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    Pain in any form mental or otherwise is the result of our violation of healthy life styles and deprivation of sleep. Physical pains are associated with the aggravation of vata dosha according to Ayurveda and the same can be controlled with the elimination of the underlying causes. For the minor problems, consumption of garlic at least two pieces should be swallowed along with warm water regularly in the morning in the empty stomach. A small piece of ginger prior to half an hour of lunch would normalise the blood circulation due to its thinning property and you may see the positive results within a short period. If it is the chronic one, follow the instructions of Ayurvedic doctor for its complete cure. Mental agonies too can be tackled with the appropriate Ayurvedic herbs which will strengthen your mind to tackle unnecessary worries.

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    Pain is always a pain only. It may be physical or mental. We have to try to get it cured when it is in its initial stages only. If it becomes acute curing it will be difficult.
    The physical pains or mainly due t overstrain or no strain. One should have some physical work and at the same time, it should not be too much also. When we feel the pain we should understand and we have to amend our activities in such a way that we will not feel any pain. If we never take the corrective action immediately we have to suffer a lot.
    Medicines are there for almost all types of pains. Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are available. But allopathy medicines will have many side effects. So it is advisable to go for ayurvedic medicines. It is even better if you can get it cured by physiotherapy. There are many home remedies for these pains. By using the herbal producst and food products we can cure them.

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    People who do sitting work for prolonged time especially having a wrong posture generally complain this. In the modern times many of us are suffering from back pain. It is advised by the experts to give a few minutes break after each hour if we are sitting for a long time. It might not be practical to do so as that may break the continuity of our work and our focus but if someone can follow this advice then it is a sure shot penicillin for this problem. Once backache is there it is said that it remains for a life time and only thing is we can contain it or manage it by exercising
    Knowledge is power.

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    The main source of back pain is said to be lack of exercise and sedentary life style. Sometimes it could also trigger due to the jerk in the back when someone tries to lift a heavy item or does some action while in bending posture. There are some ailments in which a person falls weak and then also this pain can start because of the weakness in the bones which actually means that there is calcium deficiency in the body.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Pains are going to occur to those persons who have these working conditions on daily basis. The teachers who are not supposed to sit the whole day and keep on teaching the students are bound to get the knee pain for sure because in some schools teachers are not allowed to sit. Those who are the frequent rider on scooter or two wheeler and does the extensive traveling daily bound to get the back pain for sure as the jerks during the journey would make the body shake and thus the pain is felt much. And those who are in the IT field and glued to the computer for hours together are bound to get the neck pain as their posture is constant and not changed. Therefore all the three kind of wokring people are reporting such pains and those who are not taking the preventing treatment and medicines are bound to aggregate.
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