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    Don't increase the weight in the boat.

    We know and believe that taking responsibility, understanding, and completing any task is the first step towards success. A person who understands his responsibility works by accumulating all his energy, and this is the truth.

    But it is often seen that some people take continuous responsibilities unnecessarily, because of hesitance, without thinking whether they are capable of fulfilling these responsibilities or not.

    It is a good thing to take responsibility, but sometimes some people take advantage of you and give their responsibilities to you, and maybe you can increase the burden of your responsibilities because you do not habitual to refuse.

    And because of doing this, sometimes you may not be able to meet your real responsibilities in this way. Take responsibility but only on a priority basis, along with that, it is necessary to make other people realize their own responsibility.

    Therefore it is said that there is a danger of sinking the boat by continuously increasing the weight in a boat. Members, please share your views.
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    This is a very practical suggestion offered by the author. Some people are of that type as they will take all sort of responsibilities on their head whether they will be able to discharge them successfully or not. Why they do it is strange to comprehend. Do they do it for getting prominence or importance? But they should understand that they should only take as much of responsibilities as they can really able to meet up.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Some shrewd people take shy people for granted and pass unnecessary burden of responsibilities on their shoulders which they don't refuse to accept because of their humbleness. This is quite wrong way of taking unnecessary advantage of good people.

    It can happen with anyone, particularly, in a situation when someone whom you respect a lot if you are asked to do some kind of extra work or bear an extra responsibility you will not be in a position to say him No because you respect him.
    As a professional everyone should learn to say No. else it will be very difficult for you stay in peace. Once you start saying No, they will stop bothering you in future.

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    Getting overloaded will definitely reduce our efficiency. Once that happens we will be in troubles. So one should have a good understanding of his capacities and capabilities. Once he keeps these points in his mind and plans his work accordingly, the individual will be successful.
    These days are very competitive and the person who stretches himself to the maximum extent only will be successful. But one should have a correct idea of his maximum and should not try never more than the maximum. Such persons only will be successful.

    always confident

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    From the title I thought that the thread might be on the population problem of our country and the author might be telling people to control the population otherwise the boat will sink down but literally it came out a different thread but much more important then what I conjectured just after seeing the title.
    It is said that active people try to grab every opportunity of work so that they become the cynosure among all and become an important figure and everyone comes to them for any information or help. Though few people are there in the world like that but they really attract accolades and praises from others in one way or other especially when they help the needy ones with their ocean of information and knowledge about the various activities which do not see the next day morning Sun without their push. I also admire such energetic people but there is a darker side of this that these people hijack everything in their hands and make others miserable. It is definitely not desired. It is even not good for them as they lose their health and mental calm in this pursuit.

    Knowledge is power.

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