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    Don't expect for respect or praise after helping someone.

    When you help someone your heart and mind think it right to do so that is why you did it, then if your work is not recognized or respected later, you should not be sad. You did not help anyone so that he would help you in return or give you respect or think about you. If this is so, then it shows that you are also having a desire in return for those works and this is the reason for your sorrow at this place. You need to understand that being able to do something for someone, even if you have made a sacrifice for someone with your conscience, that to you have fulfilled your moral duty and human religion, maybe in future you, It should be rewarded, but you should not expect a good result for it.
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    I have always believed that expecting anything from others is the reason for the disappointment. When you help someone you should not expect anything from that person for your favour.

    Recently I had helped a friend alot when he needed me but he didn't turn up when I needed him . That didn't move me at all because I didn't expect anything. That person also did realise afterwards for his behaviour and that's his nature.


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    The author means to say if you help someone you should not expect even a thank from him. I don't think so. I have other opinion if I see someone who needs my help and I am in a position to help him then surely, I shall help him but if he does not show his basic manners to pay me thank I shall consider it that he was not really in need and I shall stop helping him anymore. As I know if someone really needs help he will be overwhelmed in case he is helped, he will literally be paying his gratitude to me. What is the point in helping someone who does not need my help?

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    I do not agree with the author to some extent. In some companies the customer relations and customer retain ship plays very important role and in that case if a particular complaint or the task of the customer is successfully attempted and solved , there is every expectation that the customer should give the respect or the praise remark for the helping hands among the employees who were key in solving the problems. Such reciprocation would prove very good in the long run as the customers get reconnected with the company as they felt that even the tricky problems are addressed.
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    When we help somebody, immediately the other person may come out happy and thank you to show his gratitude. That is a good gesture shown by him. That is all. We should not expect him to show his gratitude every time when we meet him or when we speak to him.
    Help others without expecting anything in return. That should be the attitude. We should help somebody with a belief that if we help somebody today when there is a need we may get help from somebody or other. The source of help need not be the beneficiary from us. God will see the help did by us and send somebody to help us when there is a need.
    To help the person who is in need, will talk about your nature and personality. As a human being one should be human and help to the needy and that we should do without any expectations.

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    I agree that we should not expect anything in return when we help a person. If our help is genuine it is alright by itself and does not require any acknowledgement from the society. A simple thank or smile from the person who has helped is more than sufficient as a reward of our help. On the other hand we often see people who help others in presence of a photographer and audience and make a video of the charity work for wide publicity. They are more interested in advertising it rather than helping part. We should refrain from such practices. They are in a bad taste.
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    The real Samaritans are those who help the fellow beings but never expect any return from them. This is the real and selfless service which one can provide to other needy persons in society. I have seen some persons who help other people and tell them that they need not to tell others as who helped them. This is the real test of such people who help but do not want to come in limelight.
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