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    Are the life partners pre-decided ?

    In Tamil a old song goes like this " Kanavan amaivadhellam iraivan kodutha varam" that means getting a good husband is the boon from the god. And this holds good in many lives as the life partners are pre- decided as one gets the bride or groom offers from the far of places as if no one is getting matching in the current residing place. Moreover some would try and keep on trying for new alliance but the match wont happen unless and until the right match is found and even that comes on the way as it is destined to happen. What is your take?
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    I think it's true what the title of this thread suggests because I have seen several matchless couple who from no angle seem to be right pairs or deserve to each other. As later on, after the marriage either of couple are heard having a quarrel between them or in some cases ,complaining their parents for marrying him/her.

    I also discussed this issue with related family members. Suppose the girl was not beautiful, I asked the parents why did they marry their son, they said,"We don't know what happened to us we could not say no and agreed for this marriage. Even our son didn't say no to marry that girl. Now he he is complaining to us".

    I have seen this reaction from several parents.

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    As we go on analysing things rationally or logically we may be doing akin to peeling onions. Ultimately there will not be much in the end. There is always a limit to our knowledge and comprehension. There is always some limit to what is in our control. So that part which is not under human control, we consider as pre-decided, fate or Karma effect.
    However if we are hundred percent fatalists, then we, he society, the country and the world will not progress. So it is prudent and practical to put our best efforts and when even after those things do not go as we decide console ourselves taking it as fate or pre-decided.
    In that case we can take that partners are also fate decided. That is because we only chose our partner from the many alternatives coming in front of us. They are not tailor-made by us.

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    Marriage is fixed in heaven. We have repeatedly discussed this issue. How the marriage is fixed in heaven? Read my thread and understand it.
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    I don't beleive on the saying . It's luck when your marriage is an arranged marriage to get a good or bad partner. Quarrelling between the couple is obvious as it happens when two people start living together. It all depends how do they resolve it .

    But to say that life partners are predecided then I would say that it's wrong.


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    Logically we may not agree but the happenings around suggest what I said.
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    Our conclusions are generally based on our observations and if our observations are masked with uncertainties and errors then conclusions might not be conclusive. Many people believe that marriages are fixed in the heaven which means that they were pre-decided by some divine power under its lap. This formula holds good for many other things in our lives like take birth in a particular family, career making, die earlier or later, become rich or poor, and many such other things in our life the ways of which are amusing and strange in many respects. It is human nature to attribute all the things, which are beyond its control, to divine territories. From that angle the proposition of the author might hold true but these things are more in the realm of spirituality and metaphysics rather than belonging to true science and till these mysteries of unknown are unearthed we will have to be satisfied with these postulates. Fate and destiny are always helpful to us to take shelter of our failures but then it is also imperative that we should attribute our successes also to them only and not to our hard work.
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    I think it was started to say this so that people consider the marriage relationship to be God's blessing and live happily for a lifetime. Suppose if couples make God and they have made your pair with a person from a country or state where you or your family or relatives have never gone, then tell how your pair will get, how you will get married. And those people who say that even without the will of God, the leaf does not move, then I will only say about it that this whole world runs with karma, whatever actions you do, you will get fruit according to it. Luck will also do your work only if you act accordingly.
    If the couple had made by God, then a sad moment like a divorce would not have come into anyone's life. But nowadays people also do a second marriage after divorce, in such a situation, who will tell which pair was made by God and which was by humans.

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    There is a saying in Telugu. Marriages are made in heaven is the meaning of the saying. So what the author feels is correct. Marriages are pre-decided.
    In our village, a marriage was fixed. The groom and his relatives came to the village of the bride. The next day morning was the marriage. That night the bride vanished from the house. The groom and his relatives went back without getting the marriage performed. People forgot about that girl. But after 6 or 7 years she came back with a husband and a son to the village.
    There are many incidents I know in which the almost finalised marriages are cancelled and new matches were settled. I know a family where they were looking for a match for their daughter and searching for a suitable match. years together. Finally, they settled a marriage with a boy from their village only. That is how these matches will be fixed and when we hear about such issues we feel that marriages are pre-decided.

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