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    Why the most responsible countrymen don't behave responsibly? Let us discuss

    Dear All,
    Behaviour is the way we act and conduct. It refers to one's action before or towards others. Behaviour is measured by commonly accepted standards. There are different types of behaviour depending on the occasion. Normal behaviour is acceptable to all humans that conforms to social norms in any society. Behavior is a visible trait that can be observed and measured. I do not wish to elaborate much and take a class on Behaviour.

    Here I wish to bring out the behaviour of the most responsible people of our country whom we elect to represent the people at the center and the states for governance. The behaviour of such elected representatives is different and changes like a chameleon. A beggarly behaviour prior to elections would change to commanding behaviour after the election. Prior to the election, they would reach the home of the voters, and they won't reach the voters after the election.

    Alright, how do they behave in their workplaces like parliament and assembly halls? We have seen them misbehaving in a way that is not expected from leaders who rule the country. They make a mess of everything during the proceedings. They use unacceptable body language, shout, beat the desks, throw the benches, damage the systems, disrupt and stall the proceedings. Can't the politicians be polite and behave like a gentleman to conduct business inside the houses? To mention in particular, everyone has witnessed a tall leader winking inside the parliament after a fake show off to a very important person. How good and responsible he would be if elected to lead the country? I would say that they are more irresponsible than responsible.

    When will they learn to be more responsible, humble and simple? When will they change their behaviour that would create a good feeling in the hearts of the public who elected them to rule the nation? How can people make these politicians be responsible with a change in their attitude and behaviour?

    Let us discuss.

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    A voter should know the importance of the vote. But when they don't understand the true value and yield for small benefits, money starts playing an important role in these elections. So the contesting candidates will have to spend a lot of money on getting elected. So they will aim to earn the money they spent while they are in the post. This will be their main agenda. Corruption, unfair activities and selfish gains will become important. They even will not have any thinking about the people, as already they paid for casting the vote. I feel this is the route cause of all these problems mentioned by the author.
    The change should start from the voter. He/She should understand the value of the vote and they should also know how their progress is interlinked with the vote. They should see the credentials of candidates and they should vote for the best suitable candidate. They can use NOTA also if they feel none is suitable. Then only we will see good people coming into these responsible positions and they start behaving responsibly

    always confident

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    The author has described the real picture of most of these people who are elected by the public for such a big responsibility of running the country but behave in very un toward fashion. This is the irony of our democratic system that we have elected some of such people who are a blot on the name of our nation. But all of them are not bad or evil as today the county is developing because some of them are really good workers who have a dignified behaviour inside or outside the parliament. So we have a mix lot but that is not acceptable at such a level. Even one irresponsible and bad person can spoil the whole show. Another problem is that at the top layer we have some bad elements but we have equally or may be more at lower levels and they are making the roots of this country weaker. We have to understand that even one bad and corrupt person on the top levels can generate thousands of corrupt people below and then it becomes an avalanche sort of thing and we are facing it in our country today. Wide spread corruption is the gift of those people who are corrupt at higher levels.
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    The irony in our country today is that there is a very high degree of corruption and right from high levels down to the base level things are not good as everyone is engaged in making money through illegal ways. There are only a few principled and honest people who do not resort to bad practices even having an opportunity to do so. I salute to those people due to whom at least some good things are happening in the country. People are frustrated to such an extent that they often quote that today in India only those are honest who do not get opportunity to mint money by siphoning it from the Govt aids and budgets. It is even alleged that the cut and commission earned at all the levels is passed on to the approving authorities. Present Govt is trying to correct that widespread corruption through digitisation of the processes and reforms and the people who are affected by these changes and reforms are not happy with the present governance. There may be some black sheep in the present Govt also but as the top person is honest, every one is alert and avoiding large scale money making practices and are forced to behave responsibly. Let us hope that in the present regime there will be developments and progress in the country.
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    It is the matter of shame that many leaders fail to live to the expectations of the voter as they call coming to seek vote with begging attitude and once they get elected they try to command the very voters that makes the voters fume. The newly elected first time CM has promised that he would meet every person with grievances and settle them on the spot and the program was called Praja Darbar. But nothing has happened and the so called CM has delegated his rights and responsibilities to his son who was not connected to the people and thus the voters are now fuming. It has been seen that who ever had the public connect even after losing and winning have always benefited with reelections as people want the leader to listen to them and that way the proper connect can be maintained to sustain the developments.
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    Some of us are extremely biased in their political views. We should not be of this sort. Some of us are pro-BJP and some of us are pro-Congress. Their main aim seems to criticise each other and praise their respective parties and their leaders. We are common people. All parties should be equal to us. We should see them on their merit. No party leader is good or bad. They are also common human like us. They have good points, so have bad ones too.
    Has the time not come to grow up like a matured person? I wonder to see them praising or tainting these leaders as blindfolded-sequacious.
    When will we leave this childish thinking?

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