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    A glimpse of Indian culture is still found today.

    Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world, there are many countries on this earth whose culture has either been destroyed or changed with the passage of time, but the culture of India still exists today.

    Of course, the change is the law of nature, but in spite of this, our culture which is many thousands of years old will be seen in its original form even today. In different parts of India, you will get to see a lot of ancient cultures, civilizations, tribal, etc. of our country, which is clear proof that we are still including our culture. Every kind of civilization, from ancient to modern, you will get to see life in our country of India, which clearly shows that our culture is not only the oldest but also prosperous.
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    Indian culture and civilisation are having their own flavour and that will remain forever. It may face some distractions during the course of time but it will never vanish. It will show its significance in one way or other. If we make a trip to Golconda fort in Hyderabad, Borra caves in Visakhapatnam or Ajanta caves we will understand the greatness of this culture.
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    The greatness of our country is the rich tradition, culture and festivities. We take pride that every religion in every region has the right to follow their tradition and culture and others would happily participate and share the bonding. For example during the Ganesh festivities, the Muslims in Hyderabad donate for the community Ganesh idols and community feeding during the nine day utsavs. Likewise the Hindus participate in the Ramzan fasting and organize iftar for the fasting Muslims and that is the great trait. In Hyderabad at many places the Mandir and Mosque exists together and we live in harmony because we respect each other with rich culture and tradition following. One things is sure no country in the world except India so many religions are present and yet live with harmony and help each other during the festivities.
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    Our cultural heritages have a deep root in this soil and there are reminiscences of many great emperors and kingdoms which ruled and prospered in this peninsula for time immortal. Indian culture is very ancient and diverse in its character and has a great potential for accommodating and adjusting with other cultures and this is the unique thing about it which we would not find elsewhere in any culture across the globe. We feel pride in mentioning it because the world has also taken cognisance of this fact as enumerated in the Indian as well as the world history. Though there were many invasions and attacks on this culture time to time by the barbarians of the outer kingdoms, who came here only to loot and take goodies back home, as India was a prosperous country in terms of natural resources and also having a large production of herbs and spices, still we survived in spite of these odds and now flourishing in our own ways.
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